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Thursday, December 29, 2011

New RR

I Have No Clue What This Is

Sometimes life just doesn't seem real. Sometimes the things you take for granted suddenly don't make sense anymore. Sometimes one small detail can change your view of the world forever.

Well, that hasn't happened to me. Naw, it has. Well not really. Actually, I'm not sure.

I happen to be extremely short for my age, I'm fourteen and I'm not even five feet. Almost, but not. I know I'm short. It's like a subconscious thought that lingers in my head, and others. But when I think about it, it doesn't even make sense.

Like how can I be short? Everyone is the same. And why should I be short? Why can't I be like the others, who are tall? I'm not frustrated, but confused. What's the deal here?

And why am I not flexible? Are we really that different?

Sometimes you get really bored. Sometimes you haven't written anything interesting in while. Sometimes you decided to make a new post and write something completely random, just type whatever flows through your fingers.


Lol. I just came across this new team yesterday and I find it a pretty weird name. But I happen to be on that team anyway, cause it's Mr. Boo Boo Stewart of course.

(This is just a current phase. In about two weeks it'll pass. Just live with me for now.)

So let me tell you why got into this. I have the book Breaking Dawn, and it had been sitting in my bookshelf for months. I'd already read it of course, I read it when I first got it. But I usually read a book at least ten times without getting bored of it. So after a while of staring at it,  the biggest, fattest, blackest book, just laying there all alone on my shelf, I picked it up and turned to the first page.

Now. I never was obsessed with the Twilight Saga, even after reading them all and watching them all. But nevertheless, as soon as I got about a quarter into the book, I had trouble putting it down. I found myself just sitting in my room and reading all day long.

Maybe it was just the nagging thought that I hadn't seen the movie yet. But I think it's mostly because it was a good book, and it had Jacob's point of view there. Which had Seth in it. Which was awesome.

NO. Not because of Seth. Like I said, it was a good book.

So how I started getting into the Seth mode:
Honestly, I forgot he existed. But reading about him in the wedding, watching how easygoing he was, ESPECIALLY his conversations with Jacob when he finds out he broke off from the pack with him, they all made him very likeable.

The conversation I like the most: (This may not be exact, writing it off the top of my head)

Jake: Stop being so...optimistic. It's getting on my nerves.
Seth: Sure. You want me to be all doom and gloom or just shut up?
Jake: Just shut up.
Seth: Can do.
Jake: Really? I don't think so.
Seth: *silence

Haha, that just makes me laugh every time.

Anyway, that's what made me like him the most. And that's when I started stalking Boo Boo Stewart ( the actor) on Youtube and watching interviews and everything possible about the movie.

And, so now, I am officially on TeamBooBooSeth!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mad beyond all levels

So I'm mad about something stupid. You have a problem with that?

So for the past week and a half I've been begging to go see The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Finally, on Sunday, my dad agreed to go with me, since no one else would, and said we'd go on Monday.

Turns out Monday, my parents are out the WHOLE DAY trying to figure out what car to buy between two that they narrowed down to. So they come back past the time the show would have been at.

"It's okay. We'll go on Wednesday. I'll come home from work early then," my dad consoles me.

Okay. First, I'm not a crazy Twilight obsessed fan or anything. But since it's going to go out of theatres like really soon, I'm getting desperate to see it. And my desperation ate at me so much, that all I did on Tuesday and today was go on the computer and watch clips of the movie, interviews, and stuff with BooBoo Stewart (actor of Seth Clearwater) in it.

Finally, at 6:45, me and my dad leave to Oakridge to see the movie. I'm like in a really good mood, because I'm thinking, FINALLY! So we get there. First, it takes forever to find parking, because it's just so full. Then, when we finally go to the ticket counter and ask for the tickets, the person says SOLD OUT! And that was like the only show for today!

I'm like what the heck? It;s a Wednesday night, a working day tomorrow, and plus the movie has been out for over a month. Why is it sold out now, when most of the people who watch are so crazed that they'll see it on the opening weekend?

Fine. There is another mall nearby that we can go to. (Mercado.) It's the only other theatre playing the movie, it's been out so long. The show is twenty-five minutes after the one at Oakridge, so we go there. By the time we get there, and find parking in another completely crowded place, walk all the way to the ticket counter, wait in a super long line, and finally say we want tickets for it, the person says there are four tickets left. Now that wasn't really good, because the seats would probably be all scattered, but we decided to take them anyway.

Then, right in front of us, the dude said, "No, there's only one seat left. Oh, now none."So basically, we just watched the movie get sold out RIGHT IN FRONT OF US.

The only other show today is at 12:45 AM. I was begging my dad to go to that one, because it would be pretty cool to go to a midnight show ;) but he said no, because he has to go to work and he can't afford staying up that late.

So basically, since my dad has meetings tomorrow, we can only go on Friday. This annoys me like big time. So if you talk to me, and I snap at you, well sorry. I can't frickin help it!!!

Part 2

Nah, I don't feel like doing one, so there.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Gifts Part 1

This morning, I woke up around 10:30 maybe. I knew it was time to open presents, but honestly I was just so tired, I ignored all the calls to come and get ready. My brother and dad finally came and knelt down next to me and began tickling me. I'm not really ticklish, except for when my dad is at the job.

They got bored of my ignoring and walked away. Sighing, I hid under the covers but found I couldn't sleep anymore. Disappointed, I stood up drowsily, trying desperately to open my eyes. It was a struggle, mostly because last night I'd worn my contacts too long and my eyes were too dry.

Walking over to the bathroom in the friend's house, I realized I couldn't get ready because my mom was. I decided to go and sit down on the bed and wait a while. Finally, after hearing the door open, I claimed my spot right away. Once I was done, I walked out and lay down across the sofa, preventing anyone else from sitting down. They laughed, because it was a lengthened joke from the night before when "playing musical chairs".

They were waiting for one more person, who was fast asleep. The younger kids decided to start opening presents. I was the only one my age. The oldest kid was six, and I'm fourteen. Then were all the adults. So I'm sure you can imagine the fun I had there.

They dig out their stockings, and I ate a chocolate that ad been given to me. By the time we had finished, everyone was gathered in the room. They started with the kids' gifts. They received tons of toys, especially cars. There was one, that was a car and you can put it on the iPad. It's really cool, actually. It's a game I look forward to stealing from my five year old brother.

Then were the adults. I have to admit I was pleased to be included in the adults section. I was the first to get  mine, which I opened happily. It was from my dad. Strong desire gnawing at me, I didn't really care about the wrapping paper. I just threw it aside and stared at what I held in my hands.

The Blu-Ray set of all six Star Wars movies. Considering I am extremely obsessed with Star Wars, this was an awesome present for me. I'd been wanting the set for so long, and now here it was in the best quality you could get.

Later, in the midst of all the other wrappers, I got another one. It was a small box. Being fairly certain it was jewelry, and looking at all the other jewelry people had, I was eager to see how mine looked.

It was these pretty silver earrings with glittering clear stones. I put them on immediately.

After that, we came home.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Chistmas!

Well, as the title speaks on its own, I really have nothing much to say. Merry Christmas, I hope you have a great time tonight.

I really would do something special, like a poem, RR, quickwrite, SOMETHING, but unfortunately, I'm off to a party and am writing this in a rush. Well it's not that unfortunate. We'll be staying there overnight. Which is awesome.

Anyway, maybe tomorrow when I get back I'll do something special, but maybe not. Cause I'll be out of the mood.

I'm probably going to write a lot of pain related stuff, since that's sort of my writing, because honestly the house is boring. I only care for tomorrow morning.

So unless I get extremely interested in random stuff, expect some gory stuff tomorrow. ;)


Friday, December 23, 2011

New Quickwrite

I finished reading Breaking Dawn for the second time (I have not seen the movie yet, unfortunately) and have fallen hopelessly in love with Seth Clearwater. (No, I'm joking, but you have to admit he is awesome.) So I decided to write something in his point of view. Oh, and yes, I know I'm due for a Poll Results but I'm putting it off like last time.


   I growled under my breath at the sight of Renesme walking around, completely unaware. I was tempted to warn her, but I lost my chance as the she-vampire sprung at her.
   No! I launched myself in front of her, blocking her way so she couldn't hurt Renesme. If Jacob lost her...I didn't want to think about it. He'd probably try to kill himself. Immediately, as she hit me, I felt the same crunch my shoulder and collarbone had made when Bella had hit me. As I collapsed on the ground in pain, I made a mental note to myself to try a different tactic when stopping vampires.
   Clenching my teeth, I pushed myself back up; thankfully the vampire had been surprised enough to freeze long enough for me. I caught a glimpse of Renesme. She looked shocked, then, being the intelligent creature she was, she ran in the direction that Bella and Edward were.
   The vampire seemed to ignore me and took off after her again. I raced after her, then leaped and sent her rolling to the ground. It felt like crashing into cement, but I kept a firm hold on her.
   “You might actually live if you didn't try to fight me,” she hissed as she threw me off easily. Letting a warning growl rumble under my throat, I rose back to my feet, mostly my right, and glared at her. I hoped she got the message, her trying to read a wolf's face, after all.
   Suddenly I heard Embry's voice in my mind. Hey, what's up?
   I let him see the scene through my head. I need help. Fast. And bring as many as you can!
   Sure thing.
   It kind of sucked that I hadn't been able to call on them for help earlier, since they'd all been in human form. I was about to respond to Embry when I was knocked over by the block of cement. My chest exploded in pain as I heard a few cracks.
   I didn't get to push myself back up, because immediately she was crouched beside me, fangs just inches away from my throat. Laying perfectly still, I waited for her voice.
   “You even try to move, and you'll be dead before you can realize.”
   The whole vampire venom being fatal to me kind of sucked too. While humans got immortality, werewolves just had to get death, right? Reaching out to Embry to see how far he was, I felt Leah there with him. Their pace immediately quickened as they witnessed my thoughts.
   The vampire began to slink back, probably hoping I wouldn't be able to tell. I'd have to be fast in getting back up to my feet, she'd have me down in a second again if I didn't attack her first. Gathering my strength, I pushed up with sudden force, and faced her, snarling.
   A smile began to creep across her lips. “I gave you a chance,” she chided, shrugging. Then she lunged at me. I moved out of the way, then swiped her with my paw as hard as I could, almost falling over with my weight on my bad leg.
   She fell to the ground from the impact of my attack. But my luck didn't last long, and soon I felt a few more of my bones break and she crouched by my throat again. By now, I was in no state to attack again. I could only hope that she stalled a little longer with me, so that Renesme would be safe and so Embry and Leah would help me out.
   Leah. She wouldn't bear it if I got hurt. I'm fine, I lied to her in my head. Just come fast.
   She didn't respond to me, but I could feel the panic in her head, like claws raking my fur. We're almost there. Is Renesme safe? Embry told me, when she remained silent.
   To emphasize the fact that help was coming, I heard one howl pierce the air, then another following more hesitantly. The vampire didn't seem to like that. She stiffened and then hissed at me. Then, baring her fangs, she put them to my neck just as Leah leaped on her and kicked her off.
   At first it felt like a normal scratch, like a normal tear of my skin. Then the venom hit my veins and excruciating pain left me screaming and thrashing. Or more like howling and thrashing.
   Jacob, the Alpha's voice popped into my head. What's wrong? He asked immediately.
   I tried to calm down enough so I could at least think and talk to him. A...a vampire attacked Nessie.
   What?! Is she okay? What's going on?
   I think she's fine..she ran in the direction of the cottage. You should go check in on her.
   And you all? What's going on?
   I'm fine, I lied again, this time to Jacob. Embry and Leah are attacking the vampire.
   You're not?
   Well...I may have managed to break a few bones and get venom in me, but otherwise it's all good. The main this is Nessie, remember?
   I could feel Jake's shock pulsing through him as he registered what I just said. Before he could respond though, I spoke again.
   Nessie. Go check in on her. Leah and Embry are here – and trust me, Leah isn't going to take my situation too lightly.
   Fine. But get help if you don't keep it under control.
   Of course, I managed to respond. The pain was too overwhelming, and I knew if Jacob hadn't left then, I would've lost my connection with him anyway.
   A moment later, I heard Leah. Phase back to human. We need to get you over to the Cullens.
   Come on, she urged. Phase back or there is nothing we can do.
   Embry was there now. Just focus.
   Gritting my teeth, I pushed myself and imagined I was a human, just walking around. I felt the normal burn while phasing, but it didn't affect me as much now that I had vampire venom circulating through my blood.   Nothing overruled that pain.
   Leah's cold nose nudged me onto Embry's back. Then she flanked him on his right as they ran fast.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Nutcracker - Ballet San Jose

'Tis Fira!

So most of you know that I'm training as a ballet dancer. Dance is my life, I cannot live without ballet. I go for at least two hour everyday, except for Fridays through Sundays. On Friday I go for an hour, on Saturday an hour and a half, on Sunday nothing.

Well I can't stand it the days I don't go, which is why I'm posting so much on this blog. I have nothing else to do, I'm so used to being busy with either ballet or homework all the time, that I can only come online and write now. Not dancing gets me depressed.

It would just be weird if I did it myself though. It just would. I need classes.

Anyway, I perform The Nutcracker with my school every year. two years ago I went to see San Fransisco do it, and this year we went to see Ballet San Jose. We saw it tonight, and it was amazing. The dancers were beautiful. But....

Let's say it was different.

It wasn't really traditional. Instead of Act II being a bunch of different types, it was all jumbled up and nothing was mentioned the correct part. There was no Sugar Plum Fairy, no Snow Queen, no Cavalier.

Again, the show was breathtaking. But they also had some boring stuff in it, the Battle Scene and the Ball thing at the end were really really boring and stretched out a long time. The mice were kind of cute though. ;)

In all, I prefer the traditional style. Some people would even prefer to watch the one my school does instead. But I had a great time tonight, and now I shall go sleep so I can get out of the work my parents have planned for me.

~Fira / Nat the Cat / Ballerina <3

Monday, December 19, 2011

Another New Quickwrite

This is Fira. Sorry for the multiple posts in one's just that I always have something new to say each time I come on.

Well I unfortunately had to sit in the car while my brother was in his Tae Kwon Do class and I had pretty much nothing to do. Finally I found a pen and a pad of paper and decided to write. Remember the other quickwrite I did, about a nineteen year old boy named Jroch, his brother Leon, and his sixteen year old sister, Dove? Well I did another scene out of that same idea. So here goes ;) :

  "You," Jroch snarled when he saw who awaited him. He clutched is knife and attempted to attack him, but Dove held him back.
  Finally he gave in, but glared at the person in front of him murderously. "Leon..." Dove began, "We're here."
  "I see," Leon replied casually, standing up out of his throne. As he began waling toward him, Jroch tried to strugle free from her grasp but she held tight.
  He had to give her credit for holding against him even though she knew the danger she was in with him, so he stopped himself again.
  After examining him, Leon smiled, but in a mug way, as if he were relishing his superiority. "Welcome, brother," he greeted, his eyes glistening knowingly.
  "You're not my brother," Jroch snarled at him. "You tried to kill me!"
  Leon's eyes were bored. "Oh, like you haven't tried to kill her," he pointed out, his eyes flickering to Dove momentarily.
  Jroch felt Dove's hand tighten around him, and anger boiled in him. Breaking free from her grasp easily, Jroch stepped forward, his eyes meeting his twin brother's eyes directly at the same height, his knife held at Leon's throat.

New Quickwrite

Okay, so looks like my friend Aqua just might actually make an appearance on here and post something...we share this account so I think I'll have to start each post by saying who it is.

So, this is Fira.

I haven't written a quickwrite in just so long, so I decided to do one, just because. Keep in mind that I'm kind of forcing it out so it may not be that great. I think I'll do an Emerald. I haven't done one of those yet.

Okay, so this is an Emerald quickwrite, but it won't make much sense because it is following a different version of Emerald I've written. I think I'll make a page with it. Read Original Emerald to get the full story.


  Horror freezes its way through my mind, as I watch Ethan crumple to the ground. All of a sudden I feel as if I can't move anymore, as if I'm frozen in place. Then they find me.
  Eric stands right in front of he, his pale face looking downwards at me. Earlier today, I would've have been overjoyed. But now...he just almost killed my brother. And not even out of defense or anything. They captured Ethan, and fought him.
  "Well, well, well. Are they already sending you to fight, Fira? I would expect since you're so new to the worlds, you would at least have some training first."
  Fira. He said Fira. Why had he called me Fira? I glance down at myself, and realize I look like how I did when  first visited Emerald. No doubts or uncertainty that this isn't real cross my mind anymore.
  "Let's see how you put up with a fight, then?"
  Before I can react, a searing hot pain slashes across my arm. Then another one on my back. I feel my energy growing weaker, but I don't know how to respond to these. Then a hear a voice curse. And then they all leave.
  Ethan stands before me, looking weaker than ever. Yet his voice is fierce. "What are you doing here?" he hisses. When I don't respond, he grabs my arm. "Never mind. Let's get out," he snarls furiously, and snaps his fingers.


No it's not that lame animated movie that has cars racing in it. Yeah no offense about the lame part, but I'm not that big on animation. Sorry.

So we're looking for a new car, and there was this one car that's name was Sol. Now those of you Warrior fanatics would probably know where I'm getting with it.

So the car looks kind of like a box but it's pretty cool. The one we saw was this really pretty shade of green. But the main thing is, that car type is Sol. Now. I've been wanting that car soooo much but no, we're not going to get that one.

I'm like, "But we have to! It's Sol!" but apparently that isn't a convincing enough argument. Go figure. So unfortunately, we're not getting it, but I just found it really really amusing. I know this probably sounds boring to you but it's really more fun when you're actually there. Trust me. ;) *wink wink wink wink wink

You know what I find really annoying? Sneezing. Especially when you end up biting your cheek really hard while doing it. Like I just did ten seconds ago. >: l

Well I was going to write more in this post but looks like I'll have to get back to it because I'm helping with Christmas decorations. See you!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Book Recommendations

As a writer, I read a lot. I've read some of the very famous and loved ones, and also the less known, the hidden ones. But I don't read books that aren't magical or interesting sounding enough to me, so there are many, many that I have not read that most people probably have.

Let's start with the more famous ones then, shall we?

Percy Jackson and the Olympians ~ Rick Riordan
The Kane Chronicles
Heroes of Olympus
The Hunger Games Series ~ Suzanne Collins
The Twilight Saga ~ Stephenie Meyer
The Original Series (Warriors) ~ Erin Hunter
The New Prophecy (Warriors)
Power of Three (Warriors)
Omen of the Stars (Warriors)
The Seekers Series
Circle of Magic Series ~ Tamora Pierce
The Circle Opens Series
The Golden Compass ~Philip Pullman

Now for the less famous ones.

Jack Sparrow Series ~ Rob Kidd
Legends of the Brethren Court  Series
How I Survived Middle School Series ~ Nancy Krulik
The Prophecy of the Stones (♥) ~ Flavia Bujor
The Seven Rays (ADULT MATERIAL) ~ Jessica Bendinger
Number the Stars ~ Lois Lowry
The Devil's Arithmetic ~ Jane Yolen
The Book Thief ~ Markus Zusak
Soldier X ~ Don Wulffson
Bridge to Terabithia ~ Katherine Paterson
The Sara Series ~ Esther and Jerry Hicks

That's all I can think of. But I'm currently at a hold on reading because I have no books to read! I'm looking for suggestions. A little about my taste: I like books with magic. I like long adventures, fantasy, basically anything that won't really happen in real life, or real life today, which means I like books about old times also. I'm open to boys or girls as the main character. Wars, gore, fighting, and death are just my type of thing. So please get me something with some blood spilled on it. ;) I can get most books that are recommended, because I own a Nook. It's really very convenient. 

Books Recommended so far

13 Treasures Series ~ Michelle Harrison

Thanks! I'm looking forward to new books!


Alright, maybe this has nothing to do with writing, but still I feel like telling you all a little more about me. Kind of.

So those of you who know me in real life know I have really long hair. Kind of. Well yeah, I do. My hair reaches below my waist, halfway to my knees. The thing is, the end are all dead and ughhhhhhh. People still love my hair, but I'm wondering if I should make a change.

I was always planning to trim my hair, but now I'm thinking of something new. Maybe I won't have super super long hair anymore. Maybe I'll make it to halfway down my back, or maybe, just maybe, less. Like between the midpoint of my back and my shoulders.

Also, I'm thinking of layers. I've had layers before, when I was nine, but my hair was really thin then so it didn't really look so good. But now my hair is much, much thicker, so maybe I'll give it another try.

And don't think I haven't received all the warnings about how much work layers are. But I already work hard on my long hair, which means washing it every day, and then blow drying it. I already do that. So don't tell me about hair work.

So basically I need an opinion. Should I cut my hair? Or should I not? I'm kind of stuck right now. Thanks!

BBL, Fira.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Random Ramblings

The Depression of Chocolate

Have you ever eaten a chocolate? And experienced, the delicate, melting taste of the sweetness on you tongue? Does it bring you joy, sweet joy?

Well not for me.

Every time I eat a bite into a chocolate, I relish the taste of it, bite into it, enjoy it. But then comes the end. It's so saddening to finish a chocolate. It's extremely depressing when you only have three squares of a Hershey bar and you're trying to savor it, trying to extend the length of happiness. But every time you glance over to your side, every time you catch a glimpse of the chocolatey brown chocolate, your heart melts, yearning for you to take another square.

And then the very last one. Perhaps it's more of a rectangle than a square actually. You nibble on it, barely taking a bite, trying to save it. But then craving takes over you, and you have the rest in one gulp.


But it's over. You can't go back. And then you start bawling. Well no, I don't, but i am cooler than many people. ;)


Scalding hot water falls on your arm, and you scream in pain. Walking around, you stub your toe hard. Fiddling around with your cats' claws, you stab yourself and scratch yourself out of carelessness.

Well get over it. It doesn't hurt. (Well, maybe the water does. I'm talking about the other two.)

Have you ever thought about what pain is? Have you ever wondered, why do I not like this feeling? Because that's what it really is. Pain is just a feeling, a sensation tingling on your skin. It's like when you get distracted, all the pain disappears, doesn't it? It's almost the same concept.

The difference is, you have to focus on it. When I crash into a wall, when I fall down, when I get attacked by my cat, I shrug it off. I think about it, I isolate the pain it is giving me, and remind myself, "It's only a sensation." And it vanishes. Instead of the normal feeling you have, all it is is a different one. One that doesn't even bother you.

This is a knowledge I've been holding for many months now, perhaps even a year. It works. A lot. And I am thankful for discovering such a secret, because as a dancer, I tend to hurt myself often. But I'm able to just ignore it. I don't even need to concentrate on it anymore because I use this power so often, I'm able to get into that state of mind whenever I wish it.

And now, I bestow this knowledge upon your shoulders as well.

Two more Random Ramblings! If you love me, you'll check it out on the RR page!

Friday, December 16, 2011

New Look


Fira in.

So, what do you guys think of the new look? Pretty cool, huh? Not as colorful, and I can't have the widgets on both sides, but it still looks really cool. Credit goes to Pyzam for this awesome template. Note that I said template and not background. I made the mistake, of on the project blog, putting it as a background and getting a long code written on the page and the normal blog look.

Also, thank you all of you guys who followed the blog I requested you to. Man, whenever I said "you guys" I immediately think of my art teacher. She addresses the class as "You guys" and she's trying to kick the habit so whenever I say it, I immediately think of her. It's amusing actually.

I now have twenty-four followers, which is way more than I ever expected.

Also, I'm in a really good mood because of two things. One of them, I can't tell because it's a secret (shhhhh). The other is that WINTER BREAK STARTED!!! Well, after today, technically, but I consider it today, even though I have classes!

So Happy Holidays, everyone!

Another thing. Someone who commented here made me come up with something. If any of you want to work with me, in a writing project, then just ask. I would like to see some your your writing first though, because in the past I've already made the mistake of working with someone who didn't help. So yeah. Or, if you just want to show off your writing, your blogs or something, then just post the link in a comment, or if it isn't a link and it's too long to comment with, email it to me here. I might make a special page just for others' writing.

I would love to see how other writing, and if you wish me to, critique it. Now, I don't consider me that great (see how I totally messed up grammar there? XD) but it would be fun for me and you. And if anyone wants to critique my writing...well go ahead! I'm open to suggestions, corrections, and anything helpful.


I'm out.

See ya!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

School Project - Help Needed URGENT!

'Sup, peeps? Hehe, as you have probably noticed I just am weird like that.

So I happen to have made a blog for my school project. It's on World War II. We each had to read a novel of our choice on it, and then we could make like a Facebook page or account, or Twitter, or on the more boring side, a journal of that person. Since I love blogging and have around ten, (I'd be happy to share XD) I decided to make a blog for this person.

The favor I'm asking of you really isn't much. I just need each of you who is reading this, to follow the blog if possible. And if you don't want to follow because of people noticing or something, I am going to delete it after a month. It's only a project and I have no intentions of keeping it. Or if I do, after my teacher has seen it you have all rights to un-follow it. XD

Another thing - I'm going to add a Cbox to it and I hope people will chat with me. You can chat as a made up character or yourself, as long as there is chatting. Please, I'm begging you, go to the blog and follow and chat and everything because I really want a good grade on this.

I think I forgot to mention something. This project is due TOMORROW 12-14-11. WEDNESDAY.

That's sort of why I wrote "URGENT". I need followers today. No later.

I know I'm asking a lot of you. But please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow and chat because this means a lot to me and my grade.

Thanks! And here's a cookie if you actually read all the way through.


Thank you!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Poll Results and New Quickwrite

Yep. I haven't completely deserted you or this blog.

Okay, so honestly I've been avoiding the whole topic of posting the poll results because I find it quite boring and pointless, however I happen to be a bit weird and well I fell like it is a must. So here we go. By the way...I'm not very impressed by the results.

Snowy Forest ~ 8 votes  WINNER!!!
Emerald ~ 6 votes
Celadon ~ 4 votes
A Lost Friend ~ 3 votes

So yeah. For some very strange reason, Snowy Forest got the most votes. Well not that strange. Considering this blog is full of a bunch of Warriors fanatics, (no offense intended, I am included in that group) it makes sense that the most popular read is the Warriors one. What I don't understand is how Celadon received the least. Okay, so technically I voted for Celadon so it's only 3 votes and A Lost Friend is different because not everyone is as obsessed with Star Wars (and Anakin <3) as I am. So Celadon got the least. I mean, I know that there isn't much of a plot in it yet, and not much has happened. I've only begun the third chapter. But still, I think I wrote it's definitely my favorite. Some of the other things I've written (cough Snowy Forest cough) I can't even stand to reread because my writing is so...ugly.
Well...that's all. 

And now for the new quickwrite. As much as I'd like you to go check out the page yourself, I know that most people, including me, am too lazy to go find it myself. If you'd like to make me happy, then you will go and look at the Quickwrites page to see it but if you are not so keen to do so, I will post it here also.

   Jroch sighed, rolling his eyes, performing a trick that ad not been possible merely three weeks ago. Fingering the skull ring on his finger, he began, “Dove-”
  His younger sister strode forward and glared up into his eyes defiantly. “You can't just keep killing people when you you feel like it! Do you know how many families you've destroyed?” Her eyes met his bored gaze.
   “We're royalty,” he replied exasperatedly. “How many times do I tell you this? We are royalty. Everyone should be lining up to be able to give their lives for us.” Bitterness crept into his cold, blue eyes. “And those who don't will learn their lesson soon,” he muttered.
   “Jroch, no!” Dove continued with her attempt to reform him. “We are not royalty, and we will never be! And you can't just kill people!”
   “No,” he admitted reluctantly. “We are not royalty. But we are descended from it. And we will be treated like our ancestors once were in time. I'll be sure that.”
   Dove burned her glare until Jroch flinched. His eyes still were sensitive, and could be persuaded easily. No, he told himself repeatedly, Don't fall into her trap.
   “No! You can't do that! I won't let you!”
   Jroch's hand tightened around his knife. “Please...stop,” he told her, almost begging. “I don't want to hurt you. I want to protect you. But I don't trust myself. You know how easily I can let anger take over me.” When Dove just simply stared at him, he continued. “Don't try to convince me of anything. Keep your distance from me. It's the only way to stay safe – from me and the town. They're all against me, you know.”
   His sister understood and drew in a shaky breath. “Alright. But I will always be with you. You and Leon.”
   “Don't mention him around me!” he snapped.
  Dove looked confused. Then realization darkened her golden face. “You can't hide from him forever, you know. He is your brother. And you will need his help.
   Jroch fingered his stomach, in a spot that held many memories. “No! He betrayed me! I nearly lost my life because of him!”
   “He was trying to save your life,”Dove explained exasperatedly. “I repeat. He is your brother.”
   “Stop,” Jroch snarled. “You've gone too far.” Drawing his knife, he took a menacing step toward his sixteen year old sister, about to kill her. All thoughts of reasoning disintegrated from his mind and he could only see one color on her – red.
   Just as he jumped at her, Dove threw herself to her side. “Jroch!” she gasped. “What are you doing?”
   He barely heard her voice. But he focused on it. A part of himself repeatedly told him, Come back.
   Then, just as he saw the world through normal eyes again, exhaustion overwhelmed him and he collapsed to the ground.