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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Forgotten Warrior

So I wrote a book...about cats...about Warriors...called The Forgotten Jk. Just kidding. As you could probably tell, unless you're more gullible than I expected.

Anyway, that, unfortunately, is not what I come here for. Instead, I come to share my opinion of the book and discuss it with you all.


Note that if you have not read the book yet, and you read this post, you may come across a few spoilers. Just a thought. You know, I may be wrong. I happen to love spoilers, as it let's me know what I want, but most people I know are not so grateful when I tell them something big.

So, after reading this, I've come to a few conclusions. Well. Not really conclusions, more like thoughts.

1. I <3 Jayfeather. Always have.
2. We were right. The forgotten warrior was Hollyleaf.
3. So Sol is back. What the heck? I never liked him, not even as a villain.
4. Tigerheart is still as hot as ever.
5. I love the new Jayfeather killing Flametail as Dawnpelt says so and Tigerheart agrees with twist!
6. Although I like it, I have a few problems.
7. I still <3 Jayfeather. Like, immensely.
8. Who the heck does Dawnpelt think she is? I mean, the thing with me is that I always see from the point of view the main character sees. So although I like the plot, I have issues with Dawnpelt. Great issues.
9. And Tigerheart? I though he liked Dovewing! He can't agree with Dawnpelt! I mean, he tried to warn ThunderClan, and then he sides against him? Not cool.
10. I <3 Jayfeather.
11. Tigerheart is still hot.
12. Hollyleaf...well I'm glad she's back, although I wish there were more thoughts, feelings about her. From Jayfeather. I like complications. His relationship with his sister needs to be complicated in my opinion.
13. I want to discuss! Talk with me please!


So yeah...not very insightful or anything, I just thought of some points I wanted to get out. Anger, love, etc. Well a little less on the love, that was more out of silliness. Not that I don't like Jayfeather and can't decide between him and Tigerheart. I mean, they're both pretty cool in their own ways, right?

Well, that's it, unless I feel the need to say more. Comment! Or chat in the Cbox! As long as there is some response!

Fira out.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wallpapers and Random Ramblings

These are the two new pages I created, so please feel free to go check it out.

Random Ramblings is a place for any writing that isn't quickwrites or one of my main stories. Currently, I put one up, The Nutcracker. I had to write it for my dance school, so please look at it.

And for Off Topic Wallpapers, well that pretty much explains it. It's off topis because it has nothing whatsoever to do with this blog, I just felt like I needed to have them collected on one blog. And if you want to use them for your computer go ahead! I always like it when people use what I've made or done.

Well that's about it for now. Enjoy!