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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dreams and DWP

I apologize for not posting my writing piece for yesterday, but I had written it after posting and I don't like posting twice in one day, because whatever post came first doesn't get much attention. So I'll just put it in now, along with today's piece and dream.


  My family was walking around in a grocery store, when someone came up to us and gave us two Raging Water tickets, which was next door. (Raging Waters is a water park by the way.) I begged my dad a little and he finally agreed to buy two more tickets so we could go. We walked there, bought the tickets, and went in.
  Of course, we didn't have our bathing suits, so my mom and I both just got in the wave pool with our normal clothes on, my mom with a big floaty around her. But this just didn't seem right, so I got out and asked my dad if he could go home and get them. I also asked if he could bring along a friend. He never technically agreed to the second part, but it didn't matter because then I needed to go to the bathroom. So my dad led me to the mens bathroom, which turned out to be the only bathroom, so it was really for everyone instead of just men.
  Inside was actually really nice. It was more like an open locker room I guess. It had wooden benches set in a large rectangle and the floor in all of that was carpeted black. My dad led me and my brother to the end of it where the toilets were, and so I used the bathroom. While my brother was using it, a woman had also come with her two year old son, and she was talking to my brother about his name. He wasn't really responding to her. (I have no clue why she was able to talk to him while he was using the toilet, but whatever.)
  Later, we came back to the bathroom, this time with my mom, and that woman was still there. I think my brother was using the bathroom again, and while he was, the woman said to my mom, "The poor boy. Doesn't even recognize his own name," at which I think I wanted to punch her or something. My mom's mouth dropped, but I don't know if it was because she believed her and was shocked, or was shocked that's he was saying anything likenthatbin the first place.
  After that, my dad took us home, and I got a friend too. We came back, but by the time we got there, it was time for my friend to go. We all decided to leave with her, when a bunch of my dance friends showed up, ready to go swimming in the big pool. I decided to join them, feeling a bit left out that they hadn't invited me. I found myself some goggles, after asking around a lot and almost taking one which was supposedly the lifeguard's goggles. Then I jumped in and swam around with the rest of them, occasionally racing a few, which I always lost since I am the shortest. Also, before I got in the pool, I found myself unable to put any weight on my left leg. Not that it hurt or anything, but I just fell every time. Humph. Wonder what that meant.
  Just as I was rousing from my sleep, the last things I saw in my dream were pictures that I had taken of all of us, laughing at the ones which made people look weird.

Yesterday's DWP:
I decided to continue what I had originally started.

  "Yes, so it was a toy. I hope you weren't too rude to her?" Eldon asked him. When Nathan didn't say anything, just glared down at the floor, Eldon stood up. "What did you say to her? What is she doing now?"
  Nathan didn't look up as he muttered, "Crying. In that bedroom of hers." Eldon let out an irritated sigh as he stood up and shoved Nathan, leaving the room, Nathan glaring after him. "Well, that doesn't mean you have to be rude to me!"
  Eldon ignored him and knocked quietly on Leanne's door. He heard no answer other than the soft sobbing that was only too familiar. Slowly, he turned the handle, opened the door, and made his way to the corner where she always hid when Nathan upset her. He saw her curled up, against the wall, her face in her arms, and he put an arm on her shoulder.
  Leanne looked up. Startled to see her eldest brother there. "Oh. I didn't hear you," she croaked in between sniffs. She scooted over to make room for Eldon to sit next to her. Once he was comfortable on the ground, she leaned against him, waiting to be comforted. It wasn't that Leanne was upset about Nathan not caring, but rather the fact that he had taken one look at what she was holding before telling her off in his bossiest voice, not to mention insulting her before listening to what she had to say.
  "What was it this time?"

Ugh. That was horrible. A few parts didn't even make sense. Oh well.

Today's DWP:

  Furious, Nathan paced around in his room, hearing joyful voices from the next room. Eldon and Leanne had that perfect brother-sister relationship. Nathan didn't belong. He kept thinking that last part over agan in his mind, each step angrier than the previous, before finally yanking open the wardrobe, pulling out one of his coats, then slamming it shut. For a moment he stood there wildly, the edge of the coat crumpled and crushed in his fist, wondering what on earth he was doing. Then, without a second thought, he threw it on and ran out of the house, leaving he front door wide open.
  The night was colder than he had anticipated. Shivering, Nathan set out on a trail he often walked whenever he was mad at Eldon, which happened quite a lot. After walking a few paces, and scuffing an innocent pebble on the ground, he turned to go home, to find his way blocked by an orange tabby cat, holding a sword pointed up at him. Nathan rubbed his eyes frantically, but when he opened them again, the cat was still there.
  "Who-who are you?" Nathan stammered as the cat swung its sword around in neat strokes, clearly showing off.
  When the sword point was fixed again at Nathan's chest, the cat cleared its throat and spoke in a deep voice, that of a grown man's, "I am Billi. And you, sir, are to come with me."

Yep, that is it. Tell me what you think! Should I keep doing the DWP's and dreams or should I give them up and try something else?

Friday, December 28, 2012


You know how I said you probably won't here many dreams from me? Well I actually got my dream from last night written down, surprisingly. Here goes. And excuse the horrid writing, because I wrote this in the morning the moment I woke up before I could forget it.

  I got in the car and pulled on a gray cardigan over my yellow dress. The car started, and my dad was driving it. I think we were driving to school, but I didn't really recognize the roads, not that I cared.
  "Oh no," I said. "I'm wearing this dress. Normally I don't like wearing dresses to school."
  He gave me am exasperated look.
  "It doesn't matter. Oh well," I said, before he could say anything. "Besides, it's not as if I haven't worn this to school before." That, was true. I had worn it only just last Friday only with my leather jacket on top. I prefer that jacket with this dress instead of the cardigan, but too late now.
  The car stopped outside a normal looking house, other than the door, which was in the shape of a circle, was open, and there was a green screen door instead. "Is this where you need to go?" my dad asked.
  "Yes," I replied, just as the car doors unlocked. "I'm going to Bilbo's place for tea." I saw no one behind the screen, so I asked, a little worriedly, "I hope this is the right house." Because, usually at parties, there is always someone in every corner of the house.
  "Yes it is." As my dad replied, I remembered again that the door was open, and noticed shoes and coats outside.
  "Okay." I got out of the car. I walked up to the house, opened the door, and hesitantly walked inside.
  It was a large, open room, shaped with many walls, bookshelves on some, open doorways on others.  In one corner, there was a table, with Bilbo himself working in something. He greeted me, and I greeted back, before noticing a large party table and bustling people through one of the open doorways. I went there, and found myself surrounded by many faces, about half of them familiar. The normal family friends, the neighbors, the usual little kid from every family. I took my spot in the last seat available.
  They served rice and a few Indian foods that I normally eat, which I didn't find strange at all, so I ate it. I lifted the skirt of my dress a little, which was now a princessish blue one, toad just myself on my seat a little better. Then, just as someone walked behind me, I. Somehow lost my balance and fell backwards from the chair, which was a little more like a stool.
  After that, there was some weird narrator voice talking about how that was a life lesson or something, I had no clue what it was talking about.

And yeah, that's it. Then there was this huge bang somewhere in our house, which woke up up pretty early. None of us could figure out what had caused it. I think it was the people breaking in to steal me off for some epic adventure like in all the stories, but they must have left after making such a racket. Guess I don't get my adventure.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Daily Writing Piece

If my intent was unclear based on the title, I have decided that every day I will write something in my notebook, some small piece of writing and post it on here. Each one will only be the length of a page in an ordinary composition notebook, so brace yourself for some short writing. Also, on days that I have dreams that I manage to remember and write down, I will also post it on here, no matter how stupid it is. Of course, I hardly ever remember my dreams, so don't expect much of that.

Anyway, here is what I wrote today, with no editing whatsoever.

  Drumming his fingers impatiently on the wooden part of the armrest underneath them, Nathan sighed and rolled his eyes. His younger sister had commanded him to wait there so she could show him something. "Come on Leanne, hurry up! I want to go to bed!"
  "Oh, do shut up please. Some of us are trying to sleep." Nathan rolled his eyes again at Eldon, his older brother who always acted like his dad. Eldon returned the same glance and marched back into his room, shutting the door pointedly behind him. He hoped Nathan would quit making such a racket about silly things. Nathan was only a year older than Leanne, but always iced to prove he was more mature, but only succeeding in looking stupid. How hard was it to wait a few extra minutes?
  A moment later, he heard quiet voices from outside, Nathan's slowly getting loud and more impatient by the second. Next, there seemed to be an explosion and a flurry of footsteps before his door was thrown open, Nathan marching into the room he shared with Eldon, looking flustered.
  "What is it this time?" Eldon asked, exasperated. Nathan threw him a dirty glance before slamming the door and fuming down onto his own bed.
  "A toy!" he exclaimed. "A toy!"

And well, that is all I had room for. I was cringing as I was typing this, noticing so many places to improve and describe more. This is horrible. I think I forgot to mention I can't write on paper, it's always terrible. Which is part of the reason why I'm doing this.

Winterlicious Tag

Thank you Audrey for tagging me in this. XP

I never really do tags or blog awards but I want to post and I have nothing to post about so why not?

Favorite Winter Movie: Um...I don't really watch winter movies. But a movie that I really like that has something to do with winter, and Christmas, would be, of course, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I know, shocker that I'll put this movie, right?

Favorite Winter Holiday: Would my birthday count? It's in winter. As a matter of fact it is in only approximately another two weeks. It is on the 8th of January. But I guess I like Christmas a bit more than my birthday, except I get a lot more gifts then.

Favorite Winter Drink: Mmm......icy cold water. No matter what the weather, cold water will always be my favorite thing to drink.

Favorite Winter Accessory: Er, a scarf? How about my blue snowman scarf? Not much of an accessory, but still. Well I would like any snowflake related jewelry too. Cause I love jewelry and I love snow. Unfortunately I don't have any.

One thing on your Christmas List: Well I had this on list of things that I want, but not on a list necessarily called Christmas list. I had leather jacket down and guess what I got! A leather jacket! Yay.

One thing you regret: I can't really think of anything, no. Well, actually that isn't true. What I really really regret is not posting here. I'm not just saying that, I really wish I hadn't poofed from the existence of the blogging world.

Five Pictures that have to do with Winter or Random:

 A close-up of one ornament on my Christmas tree
 The Nutcrackers I've gotten from shows I've performed in or been to
Other Nutcrackers....
 Me en pointe as a snowflake. I know, my feet are horrible. I need to work on my pointe work.
Just a little picture I found online, which I think is super pretty.

Tag four others: Now this is the difficult part....

flameshadow @ flameshadow's blog
silver_at_flight @ Silver Breeze

Haha sorry, all four of you, for bestowing upon you the horrors of making a post for something like this. XP

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


First things first. If you missed my post about how I came back, go one post down and see A Collage of News.

Second things second. I decided there is no point in saying I'm back and then never posting after that, so here goes, even though I have nothing to post about. I had thought I would try writing a Christmas story again this year, but I remembered how miserably I fail at realistic fiction, so I decided, nothing wrong with making it a bit more exciting, right?

(Warning: May contain Narnia influence.)

  Eldon sighed, leaning back in the large armchair that he was occupying as he rapped his knuckles against the bare wooden handle exposed at the from of the arm rest. Rolling his eyes slightly to himself, he called out impatiently, "Will you hurry up, Lacey? I know you're a girl, but surely you can be quicker than this." He struggled to keep his lips from twisting into a smile as his younger sister appeared in the doorway, cheeks flushed and looking flustered from being hurried by him. Clearly, she saw the smile, because she stormed past him as he stood up, thrusting a coat at him so hard he fell back into his chair. "Hey!" he protested. "I'm doing this for you, you know." He threw her an injured and accusing glance. While Lacey was only a year younger than him, Eldon often acted much more superior to her.
  "Maybe. But perhaps you should act your own age sometime and admit that you want to go out and buy Christmas presents much more than I do," she retorted, though not angrily. It was difficult to get Lacey actually angry. You could only get her melancholy, and get her to cry in a corner of the house all on her own, making you feel sorry for her. Although Eldon sometimes felt guilty about it, he was an expert at upsetting her.
  Shoving on his coat roughly, and bending down to make sure his boots were tied properly, he followed her out of the door, shrugging. "That isn't true. Christmas is only for little kids. Maybe you should learn to grow up." He reached out to close the door behind him, but only after hearing the stern voice of his older brother screaming down from his study,
  "Stop bickering, you two!"
  Shaking his head, locking the door, and turning around, Eldon was astonished to see Lacey smirking at him, her earlier bad temper completely gone. Oh no, he thought miserably. This is when it becomes war. "He was talking about you," Lacey accused, her smirk broadening into a winning grin.
  "Shut up," Eldon muttered, shoving her enough to make her stumble, but lightly enough so that she would not fall. Then he followed her down the stone path as she led him to the store she wished to shop at first.
  She was just paying when the unexpected happened. Not just some silly little random thing, but a large event. One that changed their lives forever. The ground started vibrating immensely, and objects were dropping to the floor, shattering into miniature glass pieces. Eldon grabbed Lacey and pulled her down under the counter, feeling the shake grow stronger each second, even more things getting destroyed. Pulling her closer toward him, he peered out from the side of the counter to see more destruction. He jerked his head back in not a moment too soon; if he had stayed even another half of a second, a large chunk of the ceiling would have squashed his face, and likely killed him. Shuddering, he wrapped his arms around Lacey, who was trembling, and waited the earthquake out.
  Still, the shaking did not subside. It grew stronger and stronger, until he could hardly see anything, it was all moving so fast. Eldon began to wonder why the counter had not collapsed, and also only just realizing that this was no ordinary earthquake. He kept his eyes squeezed shut, childishly afraid to look out at what was happening. Then all of a sudden, it all stopped. Eldon opened his eyes slowly, then shut them again at a blast of sunshine that hit his eye. It was all well until he realized that there should be no sunshine in a corner of a store on a cloudy day. He opened them again, just as Lacey pulled away from him, also blinking in her surroundings.
  For one, the counter was no longer a counter. It seemed to be some sort of shallow cave in a tree. Hesitantly, Eldon uncurled himself and stepped out of the cave, nearly collapsing with shock, for they were no longer in a little store, but in a large forest, standing face to face with an extra large squirrel.
  "Hello!" the squirrel greeted energetically, sniffing around and leaning close to Eldon to figure out who he was.
  To anyone else, this would have been frightening, and a good reason to run back into the cave or somewhere else, or even faint, but Eldon stayed perfectly calm. "Lacey! Look where we are!" he called out to her, happily, a grin breaking out onto his face, a true smile that he had not felt since three years. "Hullo, Mouse!" he replied just as enthusiastically. The squirrel broke into a low bow at the mention of his name, then stood up again, looking around, then stumbling backwards as Lacy slammed into him, her arms wrapped tight around him in a hug.
  "Oh, Mouse, I've missed you so much! It's been three years since I last saw you and everyone else here! How have things been?" After her snuggle with the squirrel, Lacey got up, allowing Mouse to recover himself too. Brushing the dirt off his fur, Mouse bowed to Lacey also before speaking.
  "We have been great," he told her in a high pitched, happy squeak. During this reunion, even Eldon couldn't resolve himself to act more dignified, instead grinning madly and walking along Mouse. He could see the same joy reflected on Lacey's face also as the three of them walked along a dirt path, one on each side of the giant squirrel. "We missed you too. Nothing has been as wonderful as when you were around. Why must you leave us so every time?"
  Lacey cuddled closer to Mouse just as they reached the outskirts of a clearing, not replying. In the end, Eldon felt as though he should respond to their squirrel friend, saying, "Well we do have lives there too. We can't stay here forever." Eldon had a feeling he had been too dry with him, but he couldn't help himself. The excitement at finding themselves there had begun to wear off, and he found himself slightly irritated, wondering why they could have come there again.
  They shoved their way through some bushes, and found themselves in the clearing, with numerous animals of all sizes and other creatures standing in a circle. "Seems like everyone but us knew we were coming," Eldon muttered under his breath.
  Mouse must have heard him, because he replied in a guilty voice, "We got a sign a few hours ago, indicating when and where. I was sent to come collect you." Eldon didn't respond, just took a step forward and bowed, old habits from years earlier coming back to him. He ruled these people, he should at least act royal. He was vaguely aware of Lacey dipping into a curtsy beside him, just before all of the animals bowed in return to them.
  "So," Eldon began, "what are we here for? Any battles, any danger, anything?"
  A few in the crowd chuckled, which led Eldon to believe nothing of the sort was true. Mouse stepped forward past Eldon and Lacey, and turned around. "No, nothing of the sort. You just came here so we could wish you a Merry Christmas!"

Okay, so the most pointless story I've ever written, I know. I was going to have a whole action scene and etc, and but I never got the chance to write it, because we've been busy for a while. So I'll just leave it at that, and maybe next year I'll give you guys a real story. Still looking for ideas!

Oh, and also, you must listen to these four tracks from the Narnia soundtracks. They are too pretty to not share with you all. And also, LWW is my acronym for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

The Blitz, 1940 - LWW
A Narnia Lullaby - LWW
Prince Caspian Flees - Prince Caspian
Raid on the Castle - Prince Caspian

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Collage of News

At exactly a month and nine days since my last post, I suppose I cannot really expect anyone to look at my blog anymore, which I do regret, but I did have excuse for at least half of that time period during which I disappeared. The main point is, sadly, no time. I miss the days when I would be free, able to do anything I wanted. I could actually come here. But now, I have gotten so used to being busy, that when I have time to twirl around my fingers, the strands of it always manage to escape me, by diluting my brain with the fuzzy discomfort of depression.

Basically, I cannot survive without busying myself anymore.

This last week, we took our finals from Tuesday through Thursday. Naturally, the week before that was spent into studying. Oh, I don't study. But teachers, they are so clever, they assign you homework that makes you study. I should have known how they became teachers in the first place. Their cunning minds. Oh, well I'm joking of course. I am not one of those people who disrespect their teachers, and I mean no disrespect to those who do either. The only reason I don't study is because everything comes naturally to me. If it doesn't, well then I will make sure I get it.

However, that is not the point of this. What were we talking about again? Oh yes, my disappearance to Narnia. (Will explain the reference later.)

And before finals, what was I doing? Nutcracker. Our shows were on the 1st, 2nd, 8th, and 9th. and so before that our rehearsals got intense, and obviously while the shows were going on I didn't have much time to come here, because I was desperately just trying to do my homework. 

You might think I was miserable during these times of stress, but being me, I enjoyed it just too much.

Well, that is all. I did nothing more during my disappearance to Narnia.

As you may have guessed, I love Narnia now. It is, officially, my latest obsession. And those of you who know me well, this isn't good news. That means it will be on my mind constantly, and I will reference it constantly, and I will be in love with one character constantly and I will make a new wallpaper for them. Curious to know who this person is? Take a guess before I name him.

Edmund. Surprised or not surprised? Most people find it shocking that I like Edmund, but really people, why not? He is totally awesome.

But enough about just Edmund. Let's talk of all of Narnia. Who here is a Narnia fan? Have you read the books or watched the movies or both? Talk to me about this, I will listen to anything related to Narnia, because I am madly obsessed with it. You can trust me to be a good listener!

And to finish this up, I want to write something, but I don't know what. Any ideas for an "I'm Back!" writing piece?