My Disloyal Followers


  I got in the car and pulled on a gray cardigan over my yellow dress. The car started, and my dad was driving it. I think we were driving to school, but I didn't really recognize the roads, not that I cared.
  "Oh no," I said. "I'm wearing this dress. Normally I don't like wearing dresses to school."
  He gave me am exasperated look.
  "It doesn't matter. Oh well," I said, before he could say anything. "Besides, it's not as if I haven't worn this to school before." That, was true. I had worn it only just last Friday only with my leather jacket on top. I prefer that jacket with this dress instead of the cardigan, but too late now.
  The car stopped outside a normal looking house, other than the door, which was in the shape of a circle, was open, and there was a green screen door instead. "Is this where you need to go?" my dad asked.
  "Yes," I replied, just as the car doors unlocked. "I'm going to Bilbo's place for tea." I saw no one behind the screen, so I asked, a little worriedly, "I hope this is the right house." Because, usually at parties, there is always someone in every corner of the house.
  "Yes it is." As my dad replied, I remembered again that the door was open, and noticed shoes and coats outside.
  "Okay." I got out of the car. I walked up to the house, opened the door, and hesitantly walked inside.
  It was a large, open room, shaped with many walls, bookshelves on some, open doorways on others.  In one corner, there was a table, with Bilbo himself working in something. He greeted me, and I greeted back, before noticing a large party table and bustling people through one of the open doorways. I went there, and found myself surrounded by many faces, about half of them familiar. The normal family friends, the neighbors, the usual little kid from every family. I took my spot in the last seat available.
  They served rice and a few Indian foods that I normally eat, which I didn't find strange at all, so I ate it. I lifted the skirt of my dress a little, which was now a princessish blue one, toad just myself on my seat a little better. Then, just as someone walked behind me, I. Somehow lost my balance and fell backwards from the chair, which was a little more like a stool.
  After that, there was some weird narrator voice talking about how that was a life lesson or something, I had no clue what it was talking about.


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