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Monday, November 12, 2012

Darkness Among the Stars

I feel really bad because I haven't shared anything with you guys, so here is the very first scene my story opens up to. Enjoy! :D

A snarl from the room next to his made Mizar jump, crumpling the delicately laid out tribal print rug under him. His back cracked as he bent down to flatten it out, thoughts of panic squirming through his head for what his punishment would be if his mother or father found out. It seemed so trivial, a fold in the carpet. Why should it be equal to a beating? But of course, his family prided themselves too much. Everything had to be perfect, so that they could act snooty in front of “lesser” households.
Mizar held his breath, his gaze focused on the dark, ebony door in front of him. When the sound of receding footsteps told him he had a few more minutes of freedom, he relaxed and leaned against the side of the brick fireplace, taking a few moments to act like a normal nine year old boy and not mature years beyond his age. He slouched, a feeling that felt so giddy, so rebellious. Ever since he could remember, he had been taught how to stand, how to walk, how to act stiff and cold, and nasty to those who were not of as high a reputation. And of course how to be polite to build his own reputation. Mizar did not see the point of any of it.
The flames licking the wall hungrily warmed his backside as he allowed it to support him for once. Closing his eyes, he slouched down even further, feeling giddiness rise up his throat, hot as a volcano about to spew lava. He was just resisting the temptation to burst of laughing, when the sound of a slamming door jerked him back to the present. His mother stood before him, glowering with her eyes, although the rest of her body stayed as stiff as ever. Her silvery blond hair fell smoothly down her back, and her skin remained as pale as ever, her light green eyes looking ready to lash out at him. The black corset-like dress wound around her tightly, looking as if she should choke any moment. At least I’m not a girl, Mizar thought idiotically. His younger sister, although only six, was always made to dress like her mother. He stood silently, his arms folded behind his back, and his posture as stiff as her own as he watched her penetrating eyes survey the room she barged into, sweeping across the hastily mended carpet and finally resting back on Mizar. He felt a sudden desire to inspect his formal black attire rather than to meet her gaze. Still, the urge remained unattended to, for if he did so, he would be in much larger trouble. Instead, he gazed steadily back at her, studying the flecks of black intertwined in the grass of her eyes.
For a few moments, his life stood, not shockingly, uneventful. Finally, her icy, steel voice raked his skin sharply in the calm of one who had been giving a sleeping curse. “Mizar,” she pronounced, regarding him as if he were a stray dust bunny. “Would you do me the honor of explaining what you were just doing?” With each word she spat, a silent anger grew stronger and stronger, until Mizar found, that despite his best efforts, he could not hold her gaze any longer.
Her quiet footsteps approached him, warning him of what was coming next. He glanced up at her face, filled with fury, and saw her eyes flick around to make sure no one was watching before she gifted him one sharp kick in the gut. Mizar let out a gasp against his will, nearly doubling over in pain but managing to hold himself upright. He could not stop the shaking that resulted from the effort of holding still. “How many times,” she hissed softly, “must I explain this to you? You must always remain still and silent, strong and showing no sign of weakness. You are the eldest of the family, you are the heir. You will be the one who carries on the name of family Capella!” Strangely, even though her voice had risen so high, her body language still remained calm and still. The only indication of her fury, other than her voice, was the way her eyes kept flicking around.
“Sorry,” he muttered, his eyes surfing the dark wooden floor below him. Almost instantly, he could swear he heard the intensity of her anger increase. He did not dare look at her, instead he just examined the thin layer of dust that rested speckled in the corner, and the bright pictures of the family contrasting with the dirt brown wall behind it. Oddly enough though, he did not feel the familiar whiplash of her bony hand lashing down to meet his pale, callused skin. Looking up, he noticed his mother had receded from the room so quietly he hadn’t heard her leave. Mizar fought with himself to keep him from dissecting joy from it, knowing fully well that she had only left because she felt the need for a more severe punishment than what she herself could do. He drew a ragged breath, pain still shooting up his abdomen through his chest, and waited there, unmoving. She would be back for sure, and if she found out he moved, he would be in much, much larger trouble. Instead, he memorized the patterns on the furniture in front of him, and the statues that towered above him on small ledge above the fireplace. If one of them fell into the fire....
Stop it, he told himself, nearly panicking as the largest, most gruesome one began to wobble under his gaze. He quickly averted his eyes and stared at the floor again, where he could not cause too much destruction just by thinking. It had always seemed like a sort of curse to him, but his parents had explained to him that most sorcerers are born with a natural power like that. Apparently his power was mind control, although he found the idea boring. He wanted to learn the ways of a shape-shifter, choose an animal and be able to transform into it any time. It would be the most amazing feeling in the world.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I wasn't planning on making a whole post about this, but I keep discovering new friends who are doing it that I figured this would be easier. Like I mentioned earlier, I won't be posting often because I'm doing it and seriously this year because I really want to win, but there isn't any rule saying i can't do it with you guys. So if you are doing NaNoWriMo too, then tell me your username so I can add you as a buddy! If you aren't comfortable with saying it here, you can email me at: Yup.

I'll tell you my username too, although let me warn you. Don't laugh. I made this a while ago when I couldn't decide what I wanted to go by, and now I;m stuck with the name since they don't let you change it without deleting your account. So just bear with me. My username is: Nat Snowdrop Petal Fira Seth Anakin.  Yeah...remember, don't laugh. Well maybe you can a little. But I don't appreciate it.

Anyway, my story is called Darkness Among the Stars, so if you add me as a buddy I might let you see what I'm writing. Maybe. So yeah. Add me! Or let me add you!