My Disloyal Followers

Friday, June 22, 2012


I probably should have mentioned this earlier. But today I am leaving to Idaho, (I live in California) for a week. We're driving and we'll meet a few relatives, so I may not be on here until July second. Then again, it could end up the other way that because I won't be here I'll feel more urgency to write and I will. I really don't know. This is just a heads up. 

I'll also admit my defeat for NaNoWriMo. With only a week left and 3,000 words out of 50,000 written, I suppose I should accept that it's not going to happen. But I will finish it in August!

So yes, I will miss you and I am sure that you will all miss me too.

A little piece of writing now.

  Alec stared at Fira, cursing himself for being on the opposing side, the one that would soon be forced to kill her. He'd always loved her as Sav, but now in her Emerald form she was stunning. And angry. Very angry. Her eyes smoldered as she gazed directly at him, and from her hand sprouted a small flame. Without warning, she hurled it straight at him.
  He dove out of the way and stood to the side of where he had been standing. Behind him a hole burned in the wall. "What was that for?" he demanded, glaring at her. "That would have hurt. Like really hurt."
  "I'm supposed to kill you, aren't I?" Fira stated simply, shrugging though the fury in her eyes hadn't died down at all.
  Alec hesitated. "Well, yeah. But look. I really don't want to fight you Fira. If we can avoid this somehow, then I would really appreciate it." He ducked out of the way again when she threw a slightly larger ball of fire.
  "Why would I do anything for you?" Her voice was stony though he could see from her face that she was enjoying this. If she enjoyed fighting, then she would do well working for Saf Ari...maybe he could bring her to his side.
  No, he shook his head. Adelvia is evil. She doesn't plan on doing anything helpful. She'll probably dispose of me when she has achieved.
  As quickly as the thought came, it disappeared. He had only one goal set in mind now. Lure Fira to the dark side.

Yeah so it was short and pretty bad. But I felt guilty because I haven't been posting any writing in my writing blog. So there you go. I'll  miss you all! <3


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Raffle and The Wanted

As you can see, we have 46 followers here now. Does anyone remember the prize for fifty? I have two pairs of earrings which I will send out to you guys. Each follower gets their name put in once, UNLESS they get one of their friends to follow too. For each new follower that you bring, your name is entered one more time.

During the past month or two, or however long the raffle has been in progress, I have been the one bringing in followers. Only maybe two of you actually brought your own. So, your chances of winning the earrings aren't too high. Come on people!

To see the earrings and to learn more about this, go to my post Raffle. We're only four away! We can get four more followers right?

On a side note, I just wanted to say that The Wanted are a really good band! I did not notice the word thing there by the way. Until now. Anyway, I know they technically aren't a band. I mean none of them play instruments, but they all sing.

Their songs are really good in my opinion. Not your typical mainstream. The songs I would most recommend  would be:

Glad You Came
Behind Bars
All Time Low
Chasing the Sun
Gold Forever
Heart Vacancy
Lose My Mind

Yeah. There is this whole battle between One Direction and The Wanted because some directioner said the TWFanmily deserved hate or something, and now they are showing each other off. In my opinion both bands are good, but I like The Wanted better. I'll always be part of the TWFanmily.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Art of Performances

I don't know what to say here honestly. How do I explain what it feels like to be dancing in a dark auditorium with the spotlight right on you? What it's like to, while making sure your expression is pleasant and everything looks effortless, worrying your head off, hoping you don't mess up? And the knowledge that every seat in that auditorium is filled and they are all looking at you.

I bet it sounds scary.

Which is the difficult part to explain. How do I explain the thrill it sends inside of you, that wrenching that forces you to just do it again. And again. And especially, when you've messed up, in front of everyone, how do you go on without dying of embarrassment? Don't forget injuries. Even if your foot hurts, your leg hurts, your head hurts, your stomach hurts, or maybe you just seriously have to use the bathroom but there is no time, all you can do is go on stage and smile as if you don't have a worry in the world.

It's the best feeling in the world.

That feeling of accomplishment when you're done, when you're offstage, and that longing that makes you wish it had never even happened because you just don't want it to be over.

Some people don't understand why I like this, like the risk of embarrassing myself in front of an audience. The thing is, it is worth the risk. People enjoy entertainment, I enjoy entertaining. So it works, doesn't it? Everything requires preparation and practice. And everything has that little freak out moment when you're not sure if it is enough. So why not expand that feeling, make it something that pleases others, and just let the feeling last a little longer?

You may be wondering why I'm talking about my performances now. Well, on Sunday, June 10th, 2012, I participated in my dance school's annual end of the year showcase. I have no words to describe it, but that it was fun. Some things just can't be described better than that. They are too much for words.

I had a solo this year. In my contemporary dance, I was the lead and had two solos. Otherwise, I blend in with the group, except for those two parts on my own. That was amazing. I've never had a solo before in a dance, but this was big for me. It was my first time performing a solo on stage. And I really want to tell you more about it but I can't! Like I said, there are no words for this.

Along with it being my first solo, this was also my first showcase en pointe. Not in that specific dance, I mean, I had six parts this year. Only two of them were real, classical ballet. That was really awesome too!

The only sad part about the showcase was when it was over. Not when I messed up my big solo. Only when it was over. Because all of us would go home for the summer. No more classes till July, and not everyone is doing the summer classes. So basically it was a repeat of the school good bye session.

Speaking of which, I'm going to stray a bit off topic from the title of the post here. Because this is something I meant to post a long time ago, but kept getting distracted from. The last day of school.

So normally this isn't that great of a deal, right? Oh yeah, blah blah, I'll miss you over the summer, see you next year! This was different. Way different.

You see, this was the last day of middle school. In the past two years, all the friends I made, I had to say goodbye to approximately half. Forever. Because face it, no matter how many times you say "Keep in touch" it's not going to happen. There are those few friends that stay with you for longer than most. But everyone gets lost somewhere.

This end of the year was double sad. I'm going to miss all of you who I won't see again, and I'm just going to say the famous words. Keep in touch! Because the last thing I need is to lose more friends due to something as stupid as changing schools. You may all be going to different high schools than me, but we can still meet otherwise, right?

<3 I'll miss everyone.

So yeah. I should also mention, since I haven't yet, that I am doing NaNoWriMo this month. Which...I am really behind on. If you think you're behind, think again. So that's why I haven't been posting lately, and I won't be for some time. I still love you all!

I also forgot to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRIYA!!!