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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Don't worry. I haven't forgotten about yo. At all. And it's not as if I had been too lazy to come on the blog or anything like that....

So first, explanations. I would say I haven't been online too much since I last posted, which is true, but it isn't an explanation for why I didn't post something when I was online, however rare that might have been. My true reason for my absence is not something I am proud of, but is the only excuse I can come up with. This is a writing blog, but if you noticed, I haven't posted my writing that I'm actually serious about, save Celadon. But the Emerald I have been working on is on a Google Document, and the one you see here right now is one of my earlier attempts at getting the story started. But now I am really working with Emerald, having almost com up with the entire plot line and working on all the small details I had never known I would need to know. And I'm not entirely keen on sharing it. For one, this is a blog, open to anyone. Therefore, anyone can steal my work, something I would rather not have happen. And two, what if I actually meet my goal of publishing the book? I wouldn't want everyone to have already seen it. That's why I haven't been posting Emerald here. 

The reason I haven't posted other things either, is because I'm putting my full effort into the story. And so whenever I have been online, I've been on the document and not on here. Of course, I would come to check if anyone commented or chatted in the Cbox, but not to post. Speaking of which, I'm disappointed to see that none of the things I mentioned in the line above had been done while I was gone. No comments on even my latest post! Back to the original point, I am sorry for ignoring you. I see all of these blogs dying, I see so many people getting so engrossed in other things that they forget about their blogs, and I don't want to be like them. I will make it a point that no matter how busy I am, I will always try to post here as often as I can.

On to other news, last night I started reading Lord of the Rings. My dad had read it long ago, and as he had handed the book heavy enough to weight life with to me, he warned me. "The first hundred and fifty pages are all description and are difficult to get through. After that though,you can't put the book down." I am proud to say that last night I read up till the second page of the prologue, then put it down, thinking, It's too late at night. I should sleep. Of course I didn't put it down out of boredom or anything like that. I was much too fascinated by how hobbits were shorter than dwarves to even think of the word "bored". You don't know how immensely reluctant I had been to set the book down on my nightstand and drift off to sleep, my mind whirling with thoughts of Emerald. 

I had better luck this morning. I woke up, and after I failed to pass into the land of dreams again, I figured I would give Lord of the Rings another try. I picked up where I left off. Hobbits were indeed shorter than dwarves. I continued on, my mind fresh from the restful night I had had, and and I am happy to announce that I passed page forty. 

Again switching to another topic, last night was amazing. My dad had told us at around five in the evening, that there would be a stargazing event not too far from our house. It was amazing. Am I being a bit repetitive? Of course the moon was too bright to actually see anything, but still, looking through the telescopes and seeing stars, star clusters, Saturn, and planetary nebulae was an amazing experience. I am so glad that I learned some astronomy last year in eighth grade science, and I had the slightest clue what these guys were talking about.

Now, would you like some writing? Keep in mind that I am posting out of guilt, and so I am making this up on the spot for you to read. It won't be very good writing. It's an Emerald scene that would came much later into the story than I am currently at, where Fira, Aqua, and Windel meet Alec for the first time.

  Fira glanced between Alec and Ethan, still comprehending what stood in front of her. Or more like, who stood in front of her. Alec was her boyfriend on Earth, what was he doing on Emerald? And why did he seem to be glaring at Ethan? She had always known Spencer hadn't like Alec, but this was beyond strange. 
  "Alec," Ethan snarled. "Why are you here? Go back to your own little planet."
  Alec acknowledged Ethan with a nod. Then he turned to face the others with an expression of curiosity. "Oh, I just was interested in meeting the new magic users. His blue eyes swept Aqua and Windel up and down, then they fell on Fira, where they lingered for much longer before he faced Ethan again. "Is that really so terrible of a crime?"
  "You invade. And now you should leave, before I - we, force you to," Ethan amended. 
  Alec shrugged. "As you wish."
  Fira watched on, still confused, but when she saw him make an attempt to leave, she stepped forward.   "Wait." She paused, then asked, "What is going on here?"
  She thought she saw Alec's face twist into a hard smile, slightly cruel. That wasn't the Alec she knew. He was always light-hearted, and fun, with never a hint of aggressiveness in him. "I see you haven't told them about me," he laughed. "Very well then. I'll do the honors." He took a step forward, ten introduced himself. "My name is Alec. You may already know me, but what you probably didn't know is that I am one of the major leaders of Sapphire, and I am now your enemy and you should probably never talk to me again, and that now your life will be devoted to destroying mine, and vice versa. And you are?" Throughout his entire speech, his gaze bore into Fira. 
  "That's enough." Ethan took a step forward. "I ask nicely of you again. Leave."
  "Fine," Alec shrugged again, appearing nonchalant in his posture, though his eyes never left Fira's face. They seemed intent, as if he were trying to tell her something. Finally, he asked, "May I have a word?"
  Ethan looked ready to force him away, but Fira stepped in. "Of course," she said, moving a few steps closer to him. "What do you want?"
  All aspects of his former mood vanished when he looked down at her. "I just wanted to tell you, I am so sorry. Sorry for everything that I am about to do. And that I never wanted this," he whispered, so that only she could hear. Then he took a few steps backward, almost staggering. "Then I leave now," he announced to all four of them. "I hope to never see you again." With that, he vanished.
  And then, the ground erupted.

Well, that's it. I warned you, this would be terrible. I'm afraid to even read it again, terrified of what horrid writing I might find in it. But unfortunately, it is all I can offer right now, so it will have to suffice. I will be working on my wallpapers for Connie and Waveclaw, which I will post soon. Enjoy!

Monday, July 16, 2012

New Excerpt from Emerald

A something I wrote last night, this morning, and this afternoon. It's a key part of Emerald.

Firenze stood at the end of the workshop, his eyes wide as he saw the two girls and one boy. Three of the four children, who were, in a way, his heirs. There was always a chance that they wouldn’t know who he was. Playing the role he had been playing since he was fifteen, he pushed his glasses up his nose and took a step forward to greet his guests. “Hello, there. Forgive me for the awful mess. I usually don’t expect people over. Tell me, what can I do for you? Would you like anything to drink, or-”
“Firenze,” the red head said coldly, her fiery eyes burning into his. It felt strange to be looking at exactly what was often said about himself, having the fire reflected in his face. “Don’t play with us,” she said. “We want answers and we want them now.” She and the other two stood still as they waited for Firenze to reply.
He eyed them warily, desperately trying to find a way out of the mess he had gotten himself into. Finally he sighed. “Of course, Fira. Aqua, Windel. We have much to talk about.”

Once they had settled down into the seats, Fira and Windel had bombarded him with questions not even allowing him the chance to answer. He felt uncomfortable, having such undivided attention after so many years, but he forced himself to relax, and waited for the endless stream of chattering to die down. When they grew quiet, he finally asked, “Is that it?”
Silence. Then, Aqua spoke up, slowly and carefully. “Tell us your story, Firenze. The whole story. From the beginning.”
Firenze swallowed. That was exactly what he didn’t want to do. “Fine. I will. But after I am finished, whether you have gained whatever you had hoped to achieve by coming here, you will leave and never speak of me again.”
“No,” Aqua replied. “We do not agree. But we do have means of finding out what we need to, and we will use them if we must.”
Firenze smiled knowingly. “My forget who I am. You cannot hope to best me.” He allowed some of his old fire to return to his eyes as he drew in a breath. “But I acquiesce. I shall share with you what you wish to know, for you must have good reason to search me out so. If it turns out that you came merely to admonish me, then I will be most unpleased.”

“I was fifteen when Wendy died. I loathed myself for her fate, and I grew to be angry and grouchy all of the time. I think that her death affected me so greatly because, well, it had been my fault. We battled Althalos fiercely but it wasn’t enough. Slowly their forces began to overwhelm us, and unless a miracle occurred, we would become slave to the powerful planet. So I decided to make a move no one would have dared to. I snuck into the heart, the capital of our enemy and destroyed their forces from within. Little did I know I was being followed.
“I dealt with their defenses with ease and moved along much quicker than I had anticipated. Everywhere I walked, dead bodies would lay strewn behind me. I was reckless and foolish, and I embraced my victory much too early. When I had killed the last set of guards, I opened the door of the throne room too confidently and marched straight in.
“Instantly, I was overwhelmed. Sorcerers swarmed me from every angle, leaving me defenseless as they breached my6 mind and froze my body. They tortured me while I couldn’t move, and when they finally released me from their spell, all I could do was fall, my blood coating their pretty marble floor as I writhed in pain. Finally, the leader hauled me up and pressed me against the wall, his sword aimed at my gut. As he was about to plunge it in, a commotion from just outside reached his ears. Wendy walked in, fearlessly fending off each blow.
“While my captor was distracted, I grabbed his arm and drew enough strength from him so that I wouldn’t collapse. No more though, because no matter the circumstances stealing energy is a crime and should never be done. Once I was able to stand, I burned the man holding me and hoped to catch Wendy’s eye. When I finally did, she just mouthed at me to go. Although I hated the idea of leaving her there alone, I knew I was too weak to help and would only make it more difficult for her. So I ran.
“Then I heard a scream and I looked back. A knife protruded from Wendy’s chest and her body hung lifeless, her face deathly pale. Horror froze me in my tracks, and I was just about to run back for her when they rushed at me. Having no time to outrun them, I cast a barrier of fire between them and me, feeling only a twinge of strength left in me. Then I escaped.
“It took me more than a day to recover before I could teleport home. Once I reached there, of course Tidus and Edna were furious with me. Especially Edna. She had always treated me like a child, as she rightfully should being twelve years older than me, but since then she regarded me even more coldly, and speaking to me when she must. She had always been very close to Wendy, as sisters would be.
“Naturally, I hated myself for what had happened. Even though Tidus disapproved of my actions as well, he tried his best to console me. If it weren’t for him, I might have vanished from then itself.
“Two years passed. At seventeen, I grew headstrong and arrogant, too proud of my powers. I dated many girls, though didn’t care for any of them. I suppose I was what you might call a player.
“But the war with Althalos still raged on. In one particular battle, they captured me. They remembered me from when I had slipped out of their grasp and they hated me for it. Apparently, I had cause them quite a bit of embarrassment. That part still entertains me. Anyway, they remembered me and were determined to make my death as painful as they could. The succeeded. After driving a blade through my body a countless number of times, I couldn’t think anymore. I could barely breathe. Not to forget the fact that they exploited my weakness against ice and water.
“I didn’t realize when they left. All I could do was wonder if I was dead yet or not. And if I was, would I remain in that painful state for all of eternity? Then the pain in my chest increased dramatically, and died down. I felt a presence beside me, whom I later found out to be the one girl I had feelings for but never got the courage to voice my opinion. She nursed me back to health, a difficult job, and in three months I had fully recovered. I learned what had become the fate of my planet, then retreated into hiding.
“You see, they had managed to make peace with Althalos But it was a fragile truce, like a rubber band stretched so much, that it could snap any moment without warning. And I knew my survival would only infuriate Althalos. So I remained hidden. And I have been ever since,” Firenze finished. He took a sip of his water and moistened his lips, waiting for their response.
The three teenagers were silent. Then WIndel asked, “But why didn’t you go back once the threat had passed?” His gray eyes were curious and bore into him, too similarly to Wendy’s.
Firenze sighed. “I was afraid. How could I face them, how could I show up after so long and explain somehow that I had been alive and staying away the entire time? I couldn’t. Besides, I’m sure they must have been happy I was dead, Finally my foolishness wouldn’t cost them the peace they were maintaining.” They were silent again, obviously having found no way to reply to what he had said. Seeing the opportunity, he changed the subject, asking, “Are the rumors I he really-?”
“Dead. Yes,” Fira replied emotionlessly. She was quiet for a few moments, then she finally said, “You can come back now. Edna, she is the only one left. Or so she believes.”
Firenze shook his head. “No, I couldn’t. Never.”
“Let me repeat this a slight bit more clearly,” Fira said, her voice firm. “We aren’t really giving you a choice. You’re coming back. We’ll fight you if we have to.”

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Emerald Quickwrite

So I wrote this two days ago when I was super bored.It is in Alec's point of view, although now I realize you probably don't know who he is. Alec is one of the bad guys. He's bad but kinda doesn't realize it. Also, I wrote this on my phone, and typing on the phone is so painful, most of the paragraphs are like one sentence long. So this piece of writing is also kinda terrible. Enjoy!

Alec gasped as his back hit the ground, his shoulder blades digging painfully into the rock in the midst of battle. About to heave himself upward, he froze when a knife poked his chest.

What a terrible way to die, he thought, swearing under his breath. Not even honorably, merely some amateur getting a lucky shot at him.

He bit back a cry as the point of the blade bit down into his ribs, the cold steel pressing against his bone. Before he felt it pierce the heart though, any icy cold sensation spread across his upper body and he saw the sword getting coated with a layer of ice. The blade froze in place, stuck in the same painful position.

Alec took deep ragged breaths as he adjusted to the new situation, forcing himself not to panic about the fact that there was a knife in his chest. Just relax, he told himself furiously, just relax.

Finally he twisted his head at an odd angle ignoring the jolt of pain that traveled up his neck in order to gain an explanation. It stood behind him, Ethan's familiar stature blocking the sun. His green eyes burned into the soldier who had struck him down. "We do not kill," he chastised, "unless we must. Remove your weapon now."

Alec turned his head back to the man who stood above him. Reluctance outshone his pride at being able to defeat the infamous Alec as he gripped the handle and jerked his sword out in an angle that injured Alec more.

As soon as he was free, Alec kicked the soldier and jumped up, allowing a small groan of pain to escape his mouth when he grabbed the sword from the soldier. Before the man could react, Alec beheaded him and turned back to Ethan. Seeing the expression on his foe's face, he bowed mockingly, then spun around and sprinted away.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I had three things to post about. And I know people never look at other posts than the one om top so I decided to combine them all.

First of all, I got back from my vacation on July 1st. However, being the lazy person I am, I decided not to dig out my laptop until today. I apologize for that.

I also must bring up another short topic such as the previous. I have noticed that only three of my supposedly loyal followers still look at this blog. Why is that? I understand that I haven't been posting too often lately, however the few posts I have written have gotten few, if not none at all, views. It disheartens me and makes me believe that you no longer care to see if I attend to this blog or not.

On happier notes, I have been nominated for the Liebster Blog award by Jessica. I highly recommend visiting her blog, Written Paintings, for she is am amazing writer and she takes care of her blog very well. I will fulfill the requirements of this as soon as I finish speaking about my other topic.

I recently finished reading the Inheritance series, and I must say it was extremely well written. I suggest everyone to read it, no matter how boring it may seem in the beginning, or how daunting the length of the books may seem to you. For those of you who don't recognize the name of this series, I am sure you have heard of it. The first book is named Eragon. The rest follow in order of Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance.

It's about a fifteen year old orphan named Eragon, who stumbles across a large blue stone while hunting. Soon after he discovers it, it hatches into a cobalt blue dragon who immediately establishes a connection to him. As he discovers more about what he now possesses, and his uncle is killed and his farm left in ruins, he is forced to leave his remaining family, a cousin, behind and escape to learn what his fate is meant to be. And that now, the destiny of the whole empire may rest in his hands.

It's a story full of twists and surprises, mythical creatures, and action. Not to mention the most saddening romance, and a maddening bittersweet ending during the last hundred pages of Inheritance. If you have already read the series, please inform me because I must speak to someone of it, and since I am recommending it to you, I unfortunately can't put up spoilers. Something that those of you who know me know that I would love to do. If you haven't read it, please do! It pays off, all the time spent on it, when you are captured by the mystery of it and can't stop turning the pages to find out what happens next. It's a wonderful series.

I suppose I'll talk about the Liebster Blog award now. First of all, I don't want to do this. It's a total waste of time. And right when I clicked post, all my work here got deleted. Except for the facts and questions. So you know what? I'm not going to do it. This is really stupid. And in the future, DON'T TAG ME FOR ANYTHING LIKE THIS.


~ Those who are tagged or nominated must first post eleven facts about themselves.
~ Following that, they answer the eleven questions assigned to them, and then create eleven more questions for whoever they tag to answer.
~ Tag eleven more bloggers and inform them of the award. They cannot tag the person that tagged them.
~ They cannot tag someone with more than 200 followers.


~1: I get obsessed with anything and everything. The moment I read something or watch something, I am hooked on and it replays within my mind over and over, alternate endings and extra characters developing.

~2: My latest movie obsession is Titanic. Favorite book series is Inheritance. And my favorite music are the songs by The Wanted.

~3: I first got into writing when I read Warriors. It was my obsession that forced me to begin writing a fan fiction. Ever since I got tired of that, I have been a persevering writer. One who now despises fan fiction.

~4: I can think of a million alternate endings to Titanic, just so that Jack will live. Or, so that Rose dies too.

~5: I love dancing and I can't wait to get back to dance on Monday. We'll be doing almost eight hours a day, five days a week. It will last four weeks until school begins.

~6: I am NOT looking forward to school. No matter the situation, high school or not, all I want to do is stay home and enjoy my summer.

~7: I just thought of something. Since everything about this is eleven, wouldn't it make more sense if there were eleven rules too?

~8: And while we are on the topic of eleven, I'm not sure I can think of eleven people to tag....

~9: I tend to get along much better with people younger than me than those my age or older. I have found that my name is famous among the fifth graders of my elementary school. I had fun stalking them through email.

~10: There is this fun water park nearby my home, and I invited a bunch of my friends to come and we all made the plans together. But all of them ditched and cancelled until there was one girl left besides me. But I think instead of just cancelling it, the two of us will end up going.

~11: Hm...let me think. Since this is my last fact, I should make it good right? Unfortunately, I can't think of anything good so I'll just go with: I love you all!


1. Do you have any pets? What sort?
    a. Aye. I have two cats, and one fish. Not to mention my brother whom I think of as a monkey. My cats are Billi, the male who is eleven, and Julie, the female at six years old. My fish, Anakin, is about one year. And my brother is six.

2. What is your greatest ability?
     a. A difficult question. While many believe that admitting your flaws is difficult, I think it's even more difficult to know what you are truly good at. I'd say I am good at dancing, singing, writing, jewelry making, blackmailing, hiding, being annoying, very annoying actually, and many more. But I would say my greatest ability would be to see people and would be to overcome my jealousy, to maybe get upset easily but to forget it even more easily, and to never be able to hold a grudge. I guess, in a way, my greatest ability isn't so much an ability and it is an inability.

3. What's your favorite genre of book?
     a. Oh. Easiest, most simple question ever. I like action, or fantasy. Or anything along those lines. Something that isn't like normal life.

4. List five beliefs, religious or not.
    a. First of all, totally not religious. Just saying. I'm anything but religious. No offense to those who are, of course. Um. Well, first: I believe this world is full of idiots. Second: I believe that most people are ignorant of their surroundings. Third: I believe in everything people would call religious. Fourth: I believe that animals are higher beings than we are. Fifth: I believe that everyone is corrupt.

5. Would you ever shave your head for cancer or any other charity?
     a. No. I treasure my hair. I wouldn't shave my head. I'm not heartless though. What I usually do is grow my hair long, like below the waist, then cut it to shoulder length. With that much hair I do donate for cancer.

6. What's the place you want to travel to the most?
     a. That's hard. I guess I'll say Europe. I've been there once before, but it was when I was much, much younger. I don't really remember anything. But if you're asking where I would want to leave the most, I would say Massachusetts. I spent my first nine living years there before moving to this blasted California.

7. Favorite quote?
    a. Agh. I have no clue. I've never really cared about quotes, nor paid any attention to them. I have a collection of funny quotes though, which you can check out at Quotes.

8. Have you ever danced in the rain, or if not, do you want to?
    a. I have not ever done so, at least not as far as I can remember. However, yes, I would like to. But only if someone is willing to with me.

9. Which season is the best?
     a. Winter, as long as it snows.

10. Would you ever get a tattoo?
    a. No. In all my life, I will never get a tattoo. In my opinion, they look terrible. Besides, they require work. Not to mention the pain while they put it on.

11. What is the greatest smell in the world?
       a. I don't know! Haha...I don't care about smells. I guess I would say jasmine, or chicken 65....

Well, I suppose that's it. Keep checking for posts because now I'm going to start blogging a lot more!