My Disloyal Followers

Daily Writing Piece


  Drumming his fingers impatiently on the wooden part of the armrest underneath them, Nathan sighed and rolled his eyes. His younger sister had commanded him to wait there so she could show him something. "Come on Leanne, hurry up! I want to go to bed!"
  "Oh, do shut up please. Some of us are trying to sleep." Nathan rolled his eyes again at Eldon, his older brother who always acted like his dad. Eldon returned the same glance and marched back into his room, shutting the door pointedly behind him. He hoped Nathan would quit making such a racket about silly things. Nathan was only a year older than Leanne, but always iced to prove he was more mature, but only succeeding in looking stupid. How hard was it to wait a few extra minutes?
  A moment later, he heard quiet voices from outside, Nathan's slowly getting loud and more impatient by the second. Next, there seemed to be an explosion and a flurry of footsteps before his door was thrown open, Nathan marching into the room he shared with Eldon, looking flustered.
  "What is it this time?" Eldon asked, exasperated. Nathan threw him a dirty glance before slamming the door and fuming down onto his own bed.
  "A toy!" he exclaimed. "A toy!"

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