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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Writing competition finale

Okay. I know I never said what big finale we are going to have for the contest winners. And I didn't say because at first I hadnno clue what to do. When I figured out, I got too lazy. Sorry!

 Now finally: Our two finalists, WAVECLAW and OPTIMISTIC4EVER, will think of some memorable event that has happened in their lives. They will come up with a paragraph for each the setting, characters, expository, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Then I will ask them both to email me their setting paragraph.

After that, I will be using my friends and both of the finalists to contribute their own section of their event they want to share. It is difficult to explain, so I will email our two winners personally the instructions. If you want to participate in this also, then either comment on this post or email me.

Do not inform me through the chat box or personally, because I will be likely to forget to include you. I will be accepting helpers to contribute their own story to me until Sunday, one week from now, which is when I will send out the instructions for how to play the finale.

I'm looking forward to doing what I had once been part of two years ago! Trust me, it is a LOT of fun.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bidding of the Feared

Here we shall go back in time a few years....

  Jroch relaxed against the rough, reclined chair and stared up above him, utter darkness not allowing any angles of light to filter through his sightless eyes. He could hear Leon and Dove playing soccer a few blocks away from where he sat, his ears accustomed to listening great distances.
  After tuning them out for a few moments, he finally let out a sigh he had been trying to keep in for years by now. He never complained about being blind, had always accepted it without question. Of course, he had never witnessed sight before, so it was never anything to yearn for. Now, situations differed. 
  Jroch knew that Leon had killed before, killed voraciously and mercilessly. He knew it was a hobby that his brother enjoyed, but he had never thought of adapting that lifestyle to himself. The killing wasn't something that had in any way struck him as an opportunity to be better. Yesterday, however, when a mysterious cloaked figure appeared before him, let Jroch see the landscape and the colorful sun rolling west at dusk, a new hole gaped open inside of him. Desire. Desire to see the world for once how everyone else manages to see it. To not always be the odd one out, though at least he was defiant enough to attract the friends and attention he needed.
  The cloaked person said Jroch could have that sight. Only if he worked hard. That for each soul he releases from its trapped human body, he would receive a small portion of vision, a portion so small that he wouldn't be able to even notice a difference until he had murdered at least fifty people. By then the black would be relegated, and it would be replaced by a white light. Which would slowly mold to shapes and colors.
  Jroch flipped out his knife from his pocket. He had always carried one, but had never found the need to use it. It was clean of bloodshed, or any adjective relating to a murder.
  It's been fifteen years, Jroch thought furiously. Fifteen years, my whole life, with this cursed blindness. I'll do whatever it takes to experience again what I had for those few moments yesterday.

Monday, April 9, 2012


For my English class, we have to write at least twenty poems, using our vocabulary words. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, even though I can't write good poetry for my life, but this is worse. Why? Because I have one hundred vocabulary words to put in these. So I guess about five in each poem, but it's still hard.

I know a lot of you like poetry, and can write some really amazing poems too. I would appreciate your help. So, if you want, you could write poems for me to use, including the words necessary. I would really appreciate it.

Here are the words. Also, if you do decide to write one, tell me which words you used when you write it. There would be no use in having the same words in every poem.

I hope you do this! It would mean a lot to me.

The Words ~

1. meticulous
2. mitigate
3. morose
4. nonchalance
5. obliterate
6. obscure
7. obsolete
8. officious
9. opulent
10. overt
11. painstaking
12. parsimonious
13. paucity
14. peerless
15. perceptive
16. peripheral
17. peruse
18. placate
19. placid
20. pompous
21. ponderous
22. pragmatic
23. preclude
24. prestigious
25. pretentious
26. procrastinate
27. profusion
28. prodigious
29. prolific
30. propensity
31. prudent
32. pugnacious
33. rebuff
34. recalcitrant
35. refurbish
36. rejuvenate
37. relegate
38. repudiate
39. repugnant
40. rescind
41. respite
42. reticent
43. sagacious
44. salutary
45. sanction
46. saturate
47. savory
48. scoff
49. scrupulous
50. scrutinize
51. sequester
52. serene
53. skeptical
54. solemn
55. spurious
56. squalid
57. stoical
58. stringent
59. substantiate
60. succinct
61. sullen
62. sumptuous
63. supercilious
64. surmise
65. surreptitious
66. susceptible
67. taciturn
68. tactless
69. tawdry
70. tedious
71. temerity
72. tentative
73. terse
74. threadbare
75. thwart
76. tirade
77. trepidation
78. turbulence
79. unassailable
80. undermine
81. unequivocal
82. unethical
83. ungainly
84. unimpeachable
85. unobtrusive
86. unscathed
87. untenable
88. urbane
89. vacillate
90. validate
91. venerate
92. verbose
93. viable
94. vicarious
95. vilify
96. vindictive
97. vitriolic
98. volatile
99. voluminous
100. voracious

Yeah, those are the words. Please please please, I'm begging you, help me with the poems. Email them to me at:

Thank you!

Also, as words get taken, I'll cross them out on the list.

You can earn prizes by doing this.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Look

I went from the purple flower, to the rocking blue themed epicness. Who likes?

There's a poll at the bottom of the page for you to vote which appearance you like best.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Little Spoof

A long time ago, likely that it was last year, one of my friends had come to my house. Her name is Starr. And I'm sure you're wondering what I gain from telling you about this little meet, and really nothing much actually. I just wanted to share a role-play we hand-wrote together. It was a spoof, a parody of Warriors and Star Wars. Both of which I am obsessed with, and she likes too. I know this is not very productive, but it is amusing. Tell me what you think!

I also wish a very happy birthday to Jessica. :) She deserves a mention in this post. Happy birthday!

Starr role-plays Obi-Wan, Tigerstar, and Bubblestar. I role-play Anakin <3, and Jar Jar Binks. Also, Starr is the one who's writing sounds really pretty.

  A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....
  Winter succumbed the lonesome planet in blinding light, a nearby star fluctuating its flames to warm the world it guarded below.
  Anakin walked around in a forest.
  "Anakin, stop padding around that tree! It's infested with termites!" Obi-Wan reproved rather loudly, as he wielded his lightsaber randomly at a squirrel.
  "Then what should I do, Master? What you're doing? Terrorizing innocent girls?" he asked, looking at the squirrel.
  Just as Obi-Wan was about to give his rebuke, a startling crackle tore he peace overlooking the forest in pieces. Out stepped a cat breathing laboriously through a distorted mask.
  "Welcome," the cat greeted in a sinister voice. "I am Bubblestar."
  Anakin stepped casually over to the scrawny cat, and took out his lightsaber threateningly.
  "Hi, I am Obi-Wan," Obi-Wan said in a genial voice, still waving his lightsaber around like a lollipop.
  "And I am your doom!" Anakin shouted, completely unaware of a large brown tabby with amber eyes laughing at him from behind.
  The tabby hesitated before revealing his hiding place, a pawful of herbs clutched under his chin. "Who are you people?" he queried suspiciously.
  Anakin wheeled around. "AHHH it's a talking cat!" he screamed and hid behind Obi-Wan.
  "You guys are boring," Obi-Wan mutered as he sliced a nearby tree that fell with an ungraceful clunk. "Let's play hide-and-seek!"
  "Kay, I'll hide!" Anakin announced and hid in the tree that was supposedly infested with termites.
  "You can't ignore me! I'm a Sith Lord!" Bubblestar indignantly screeched, as he unsheathed a red lightsaber.
  Jar Jar rushed in and scooped up Bubblestar, who accidentally dropped his lightsaber. "Look! Look! I just found out this cat is a Sith Lord!"
  Tigerstar padded confidently to the lightsaber and pawed at it carefully. "Pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny," he chanted in a semiconscious trance.
  Jar Jar snatched the lightsaber away from the retarded cat. "Don't touch that!" he snapped. "Ow!" he screamed, dropping it and looking at his burnt hand.
  "Ha, ha," Obi-Wan chuckled from his vantage point nonchalantly slicing the squirrel with his still active lightsaber.
  "NOOO how dare you?" Anakin scolded from behind the tree. "Look at the poor girl!"
  Obi-Wan shrugged, unperturbed by his murder. "There's nothing in the Jedi code saying we can't kill animals, is there?"
  "You're an animal. So that means, I can kill you!" Anakin declared, drawing his lightsaber and running full speed to Obi-Wan.
  Tigerstar padded calmly to the scene, his eyes darting coolly from Anakin to Obi-Wan. "Hey, you want some deathberries?" he asked Anakin flatly.
  "Oh, sure!" he replied, taking one and popping it into his and Obi-Wan's mouth.
  "I, Bubblestar, declare myself Emperor of the Republic!" Bubblestar yowled to apparently no one.
  Anakin started choking. "What are these?" he gasped. Jar Jar walked over to him calmly.
  "Uh, Ani? Those are raspberries," he said.
  "Rasberries? I love raspberries!" Obi-Wan choked, as he writhed around the ground.
  "Oh," Anakin replied, not choking anymore, and casually standing up.
  "Hm, that wasn't so bad," Obi-Wan commented as he rose, completely recovered.
  Anakin hugged Jar Jar tightly. "You saved my life!" he cried out.
  Tigerstar stared onward, unnerved by how the two humans could withstand the poison of deathberries. He began to melt as depression overtook him.
  "Hahaha, look at that!" Anakin laughed, staring at Tigerstar and what was behind him.
  "Why isn't anyone paying attention?!" Bubblestar thought out loud, decapitating as many animals as he could with his lightsaber.
  "AHH!" Anakin yelled at the top of his lungs while charging at Bubblestar with his lightsaber.
  Bubblestar fell to the muddy ground with a groan before Anakin could even lay a hand on him.
  "What?" Anakin asked, coming to a complete halt. Then staring at Bubblestar for a moment, he turned around. "Oh, he has constipation," Anakin sighed. "I'll leave him to that."
  "PIE IS BETTER THAN BROWNIES!" Obi-Wan screamed at the top of his lungs.
  "WHAT? WHAT?!" Anakin shouted, lunging at Obi-Wan and standing over him. "How dare you say that? Everyone knows that pie sucks," he lectured before trying to bring down his lightsaber on Obi-Wan.
  "Hey, peeps. What's up?" Bubblestar interrupted as he stretched his back, seemingly recovered from his constipation. And suffering a memory lapse.
  "Ah! It's the Sith!" Jar Jar screamed and ran deeper into the forest, only now getting scared of it.
  "I like pie," Obi-Wan stated as he nibbled a holographic pie.
  Anakin brought down his lightsaber on Obi-Wan again.

And, this is where Starr had to leave, because her time with me had ended. Just for your information, I retyped this word for word. I didn't change anything, except maybe adding commas while dialogues are transitioning into narrating. As I typed this out, I suddenly realized how much my writing has grown since then, and am very disappointed in myself.