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You know that irresistible feeling when you suddenly get an idea in your head based off a book, one of your stories, and maybe even some random thought that popped into your head? And you really really really want to write it down? Well this my page page for that. Feel free to critique. Or any other chatting you have in mind. Do I care? Not really....=D

  Char glanced around wildly as two men pounded on him, and he felt weakness overtake him as a red, metallic liquid dripped ferociously into a deep puddle resting on the barren dirt. He fought in vain to keep his eyes open as his leg seemed to erupt in flames. As they forced him to stand on his, he crumpled to the ground, utterly defeated.
  Let them do what they like. I won't live through this anyway.
  Blackness began to engulf him as one of the men whispered in his ear. “Where is she?” he demanded. Char slowly lifted his arm and pointed at the tree the girl had been hiding behind only a few minutes ago.
  He'd been trying to steer the men away from her, but they hurt him too much. More than he'd ever bared. No one was worth taking this beating, he thought. Not even this girl. Especially not this girl.

   A rustle startled the eerie quiet section of the woods. Char walked slowly, weary that he might come across some unwanted people. Urana had warned him about that. Apparently there were many enemies where they were working.
   “Who are you?” a young girl's voice sounded from behind him. He jumped up startled, then slowly turned around.
  She spoke CommonTounge, and though he wasn't comfortable with that language, he knew it and replied messily back to her. He had always spoken BlackTounge.
   “Someone,” he replied casually, and shrugging so she would see that he wasn't afraid of her. Then he remembered the incident from the last time he said that, and glared at her defiantly and threateningly in the eye.
   The girl returned the glare. “You don't tell me, then you don't belong here.” Her voice was haughty, and she acted as if this whole place belonged to her. Char decided to get more firm with her.
  Shifting his weight, he hissed, “You have no business saying that.”
  “Oh yeah?”
  Char glanced at the bow now aimed directly toward his chest. He couldn't resist taking a step back. Unfortunately, the girl seemed more encouraged to pester him because of that.
   “Well?” she demanded.
   Char held his hands up, as if giving in. “I'm a thief from the town of Jacr.”
   The girl's eyes widened as he spoke the name of where he had lived before leaving the town where his parents had died, and he wondered what she knew about there. But her snarl spoke nothing of what her face expressed. “A thief?” Char noticed that the bow was now pulled tighter and she was squinting, trying to aim directly at his heart.
   “Don't do that,” he whispered. “That wouldn't be right.” Fear now enclosed his mind and he couldn't think to act smart around the girl anymore. Not wanting to see if she's listen to him, he wheeled around and took off sprinting as far as he could get from her.

   Char tentatively crept in the mansion after his friends. This was one of the most respected manors in Jacr and he and his friends were going to nick some jewels from it.
   They found a small sidetable filled with precious jewelry. Char began stuffing it in his bag along with the others. A hushed silence echoed in the house, but he knew that they inhabitants of the lovely mansion were awake.
   Suddenly an earsplitting crash of breaking glass filled the room. One of them had dropped a glass on the floor. Immediately the group of boys bolted out that door. But they were halted by a man standing just outside. “High Niforem....” Char whispered as fear crept into his head. They were in trouble now, for sure.
Footsteps sounded from behind them, and they saw the man's wife.
   As if rehearsed from before, three of the boys drew their knives simultaneously. Char had one, too, but he didn't want to use it. It would be cruel to use it.
   Despite his honorable thinking, the High Niforem grabbed him ferociously and threw him to the ground. The floor seemed to shudder beneath him, and the crack sounding from his back was hard to ignore. Char grunted, but managed to pull himself up again before the man stomped on his chest.
   Suddenly he found himself pressed against the wall. He felt something slide in his pocket, and realized that the man had taken his knife from him. He gasped as a fresh slash was made across his back, then another. But he couldn't move. He was too weak, and the man held him firmly.
   When the High Niforem finally released, Char staggered back, than landed with a thud on the ground. His breathing was cut short as the man stood on his chest. He felt a few cracks in his ribs. Mustering all the strength he had left, Char managed to throw him off. He kneeled, gasping for air.
   Something hit him from behind, knocking him back on the floor, his nose smashed into the ground, Quickly he rolled over, but then winced as something sharp jabbed his stomach.
   As the world began to fade into darkness, he felt like he was being stabbed, again, and again, and again....

Silence awoke Char from his dreamless sleep. As he looked around him, he noticed two other boys sitting nearby, bleeding from a few cuts.
   He moaned as he tried to sit up. One of the boys rushed towards him. “You a'right?” he asked, looking concerned.
   “What happened, Ash?” Char managed to mumble before falling back down. His azure eyes searched the boy's face as he waited for his answer.
   Ash replied reluctantly. “You, me, an' Bristle over there are the only survivors. The rest, and Mr. an' Mrs. Niforem are dead.”

  The shrouds of a shrill scream echoed in the thick air, alerting any functioning ear surrounding it, that mystery still escaped from their brain. They rushed towards it.
   Char stopped. Then, with a gasp, he sprinted back to where he left Fawn. She lay on the rough, tan ground, blood mingling with the dirt surrounding her.
   “Fawn!” he cried, rushing to her side. He gazed at her helplessly as she murmured something unintelligent.
   Finally, thinking quickly, he lifted her up and took her to a building he'd vowed never to enter. Standing just outside the mansion, he braced himself and opened the door.
   Dust settled in a fine, thick layer on all the furniture and floors, which hadn't been touched in years. An all too familiar hallway stretched before him, its walls echoing dark secrets of his past. Gathering his thoughts, he quietly shut the door behind him and walked in, trying to convince himself nothing had happened.
   Char knew his way around. Dreams of this place haunted him ever since, and it seemed like a nightmare coming to life, and only just realizing the dawning feeling that it's not the same.
  Staggering at the sight, Char gripped onto the table next to him, before he looked at it in horror and stepped away. Only dust ruined the perfection the room gleamed. All traces of the blood that had been spilled here was gone. His blood. All clean. And the table...the table that the glass had broken on and given themselves away. The corner where his brother died. The door next to where he had been stabbed.
   A soft, high-pitched sound brought him back to the present. Looking down, Char realized Fawn was coming around. “Hi,” he said awkwardly when she fixed her eyes on him.
   “H-home...?” the tiny, barely audible sound escaped from her mouth.
   “Yeah. Don't worry. I'm going to take care of you.”
  Fawn's eyes wandered around the room. After a few moments, her eyes faxed on his again. Char raised his eyebrows in question.
   “Oh. Oh.” Fawn replied, her eyes brimmed with...sympathy? No, more like fear. Sympathetic fear maybe.
   Char didn't need to ask to know she was remembering the same incident he was. Evidently, Fawn had come after the fighting was over and Ash threatened her to keep silent. All while he was unconscious.
   “Where's your room?” he asked, ignoring the subject.
   “Put me down, I'll show you,” Fawn replied, glaring at him, as if daring him to argue.
   Char glanced down at the wound in her leg. “No.” As soon as he spoke the words, he realized nothing would let her give in. Sighing, he tried to add dramatic effect.
   “Put. Me. Down.” Her eyes were blazing now, and it seemed she would have slapped him or gotten up herself if she was strong enough.
   Rolling his eyes, and knowing it was futile to argue, he replied, “Fine. But you at least have to let me help you,” as he carefully set her down steadily on her legs. He heard a sharp intake of breath once she tried to lean away from him, and he gripped her tightly.
   “I'm fine, I'm fine,” she retorted softly, sounding like she was convincing herself.
  "Sure," he replied, not bothering to argue when she was in pain. "Where's your room?"
  Slowly, Fawn raised her arm and pointed to a nearby room. "My room is a few stories high, but we can go there."
  Despite her protesting, Char held her tight, and more than guided her the few steps to the room. Once he settled her down onto the sofa resting decoratively in the center, he scratched his head uncertainly and glanced at her. "So, er, I'm a bit new to the whole healing business. So...." He broke off as her saw her bite her lip. "You're laughing at me," he commented flatly.
  "No, of course not," she giggled, then regained her composure. "Oh, just wash it, then wrap it up."
  Char stared at her face blankly.
  "You wash the wound thoroughly, then get a towel or something and wrap it around so the bleeding will stop," she explain exasperatedly. "Don't you get even a few small things?"
  "Sorry," he replied, grinning. "Illiterate. Street boy, 'member?"
  Char didn't listen for her response, staring at a sparkle that had caught his eye. He could see inside a large glass cupboard, glistening jewels. His old instinct to take it and run began to creep back into his mind, urging him to take a closer look. "Do you, uh, mind if I explore a bit?"
  Fawn followed his gaze. "Sure. But you won't be able to get anything, anyway."
  "I've opened those before," he spoke softly, mostly to himself, though Fawn could probably hear him. He didn't want to be attracted to the riches, but he couldn't help himself. 
  Finally, Char tore his gaze away from it. He set out to do dress Fawn's wound, then brought a blanket - a beautiful, silk, soft one - and laid it over her. Kneeling beside her, he said, "You should get some rest now. At least until it stops hurting."
  "Where will you be?" she asked quietly, already beginning to drift off to sleep.
  "Out. I'm not very comfortable here."
  "Oh." For a moment, he just stared into Fawn's eyes, trying to read them. It took a lot of effort to look away from her.
  "Well. Bye. G'night."

  A shriek escaped Fawn's lips, her heart pounding inside. Her desperate attempt to stay unnoticed foiled, she slid into the shadows next to her, resisting the urge to run forward, to take that sword out of his heart. She could see his still moving chest, though with each breath he took, it grew fainter, and slower.
  A man stood above him, eying him with disdain. "He couldn't even hold off on me," he snarled viciously. "And he wanted to fight Ergard?" His tone sounded incredulous, and by his expression,  Fawn could understand he was wondering what to do with the body that lay before him. Recovering herself, she tried to make a move to escape but stood frozen at the sound of his voice. "I know you're there, girl. Come out, and I may spare his life. He isn't dead yet."
  Worry gripped Fawn like a talon. Unsure of whether she could trust him, she hesitated, then sighed and stepped out to face him.
  He was tall. And good-looking, she admitted. But one glance at Char's dying body brought her back to herself. "Who are you?" she hissed. "You work for Ergrard?"
  "Yes," he replied with distaste. "Though not for long. And you, my young girl, are now imprisoned by me."
   A bitter laugh echoed from her throat. "What?" she asked, hoping her fear wouldn't seep through her act of confidence.
  "You are now my prisoner," he repeated, flashing a small grin at her. His prominent cheekbones moved slightly with the motion. "Unless you would like me to kill you too," he added, his foreboding words not matching the casual tone and lightheartedness on his face.
  "And...him?" Fawn dared to ask, her eyes flickering to the almost still body of Char. She couldn't even see his chest move anymore, but her connection with his through their minds told her that he was still fairly conscious.
  A laugh. "Silly girl. You actually thought I'd spare him?" After a moment's hesitation, he walked over to Char and beckoned her to stand by him. Against all sense, Fawn followed. She could almost hear Char's voice in her head, telling her to stop, stop doing it for him. But I'm not doing it for you, she replied, pretending he could actually hear. I'm doing it for me. 
  As she stood over him, trying to to look at the handle protruding from his chest, the man spoke. "Why do you want me to save him?" he asked, a knowing smile playing at his lips.
  Hatred burned through her like a raging fire. "I wouldn't ask that," she spat, recognition finally occurring to her, "if I were you, Elsay."
  Elsay staggered back as if she had attacked him. Then, recovering his composure, he place his hand delicately on the hilt of the sword. "Shall I?" he asked slyly.
  Before Fawn could reply, a voice sounded in her head, sounding hoarse and ragged.
  Char! You're alive, she replied to Char, glanicing down. His eyes were open now, though dull with pain.
  Look. Don't try to help me. There's nothing you can do. Just get out of here. An urgency filled his thoughts. Please.
  Please. If you get hurt....
  His voice trailed off. After another moment of silence, she saw his eyelids droop, covering his eyes. Fawn looked back at Elsay, who was watching her expectantly. When she only glared at him, she watched as he pushed the handle down further into Char. The presence she'd felt of him before abruptly vanished.
  Elsay still stared at her. Without another word, she turned and fled.

Percy Jackson's 
   Percy received startling flashes of Nico, badly beaten up. He was in a cave, hanging on the wall, all bloodied and bruised up His eyes rolled in his head, as if he had just passed out.
   Nico shifted, then woke with a groan of pain. Percy suppressed a gasp at how bad off he was. Nico barely managed to choke out the words.
   “Percy...Hazel....” He faded off. “”
   The Seven of the quest already knew what had happened to him, that he had been taken captive by Gaea. It was only a wonder that he was still alive. Then again, Gaea was probably using him as bait. It was working.
They also were certain of where to find him. He was obviously near the Doors of Death, and judging by his surroundings, close to Tartarus. The only cave around there was the major one, Glayta.
   Nico suddenly opened his eyes wide with a start. “No, no,” he mumbled. “Don't do that.” Then he turned to face Percy directly and spoke in his own voice, but more frightened. Nico must've been in his worst state possible, because he would never admit to weakness.
   Percy swallowed as Nico spoke to him. “ me. Gaea trapped me. I'm not worried about that. But...I think she plans to use me against you. Come fast, please. Please.”
   Surprisingly, Percy found himself able to speak. “We're coming. Everyone's really worried for you. We should be there in less than a day.”
   Nodding, Nico replied, “Good, good.”
   Then more guards came and bashed him up some more. Once he was unconscious, with new wounds trickling uncontrollably, they unchained him and let him crumple to the floor.

  Horror freezes its way through my mind, as I watch Ethan crumple to the ground. All of a sudden I feel as if I can't move anymore, as if I'm frozen in place. Then they find me.
  Eric stands right in front of he, his pale face looking downwards at me. Earlier today, I would've have been overjoyed. But now...he just almost killed my brother. And not even out of defense or anything. They captured Ethan, and fought him.
  "Well, well, well. Are they already sending you to fight, Fira? I would expect since you're so new to the worlds, you would at least have some training first."
  Fira. He said Fira. Why had he called me Fira? I glance down at myself, and realize I look like how I did when  first visited Emerald. No doubts or uncertainty that this isn't real cross my mind anymore.
  "Let's see how you put up with a fight, then?"
  Before I can react, a searing hot pain slashes across my arm. Then another one on my back. I feel my energy growing weaker, but I don't know how to respond to these. Then a hear a voice curse. And then they all leave.
  Ethan stands before me, looking weaker than ever. Yet his voice is fierce. "What are you doing here?" he hisses. When I don't respond, he grabs my arm. "Never mind. Let's get out," he snarls furiously, and snaps his fingers.

   “Hey, Sav. What's up?”
   Sav stared at him for a moment, then smiled. “Nothing. Nothing at all. Want to go for a movie tonight?”
   Alec's eyes looked amused. “Sorry. Not today.”
   “Oh. Alright then,” Sav replied, not peeling her sea green eyes away from his brown eyes. A voice from the other end of the hall startled her and Alec both. He pulled away, his eyes glittering.
   “Guess you gotta go?”
   A laugh escaped from Sav's throat. “Yeah. Curse my sister, I guess.” She spun around to face Sarina glaring at her.
   “That doesn't look like studying to me,”her sister accused.
   Had Sarina been interested, she could have looked exactly like Sav. Being identical twins, it was never hard. The same lush blond hair Sav grew, Sarina cut. The same big eyes that Sav glared with, Sarina hid behind a pair of glasses.
   She looked cute, but it doesn't exactly keep her at the top of the school. Like Sav.
   “Do I look like I care?” Sav rolled her eyes at her sister. “Since when do you know me to care about what I get on a test?” She looked around to see if anyone was watching. Sav hated being seen around school with her sister. “Look. Can we talk about this somewhere else?”
   “We don't hate time for somewhere else, Savannah-”
   “Your French period is in one minute. You need to study now.”
   She shrugged. “Or, we could go to the bathroom and switch around so you can take my Final, and I'll go do Gym for you. Don't even try to pretend that you like that class.” Sav stared at her, willing her to listen.
Sarina stared back at her incredulously. “We've been over this so many times. I am not going to let you get out the easy way. Besides, we can't. You'd need to cut your hair and I'd need to magically grow mine. You think that's even possible?”
   That's why Sarina cut her hair. So Sav would stop bugging her.
   “Well then why don't you stop annoying me about studying and doing well?”
   Sarina sighed, exasperation flitting across her face. Anything she was about to say got cut off by the sound of the bell ringing. Before Sav could turn and hurry away, she said, “Spencer won't be happy.”
   Sav ignored her remark, and just caught up to her two friends, Ian and Baker, who were also heading to her class. The two of them happened to be extremely good at school, but still looked up to Sav and followed her fashion example.
   “Sav! Hi!” Baker waved her over. “Saw you talking to Sarina back there. Didn't want to disturb the two sisters,” she snickered, knowing how much Sav enjoyed being in Sarina's company. “What did she want?”
   “Oh, just the normal study and we'll all be happy rubbish.” Save laughed along with Baker and Ian.   Although they did well in school, they also knew how futile it was to talk to her about it.


   Jroch sighed, rolling his eyes, performing a trick that ad not been possible merely three weeks ago. Fingering the skull ring on his finger, he began, “Dove-”
  His younger sister strode forward and glared up into his eyes defiantly. “You can't just keep killing people when you you feel like it! Do you know how many families you've destroyed?” Her eyes met his bored gaze.
   “We're royalty,” he replied exasperatedly. “How many times do I tell you this? We are royalty. Everyone should be lining up to be able to give their lives for us.” Bitterness crept into his cold, blue eyes. “And those who don't will learn their lesson soon,” he muttered.
   “Jroch, no!” Dove continued with her attempt to reform him. “We are not royalty, and we will never be! And you can't just kill people!”
   “No,” he admitted reluctantly. “We are not royalty. But we are descended from it. And we will be treated like our ancestors once were in time. I'll be sure that.”
   Dove burned her glare until Jroch flinched. His eyes still were sensitive, and could be persuaded easily. No, he told himself repeatedly, Don't fall into her trap.
   “No! You can't do that! I won't let you!”
   Jroch's hand tightened around his knife. “Please...stop,” he told her, almost begging. “I don't want to hurt you. I want to protect you. But I don't trust myself. You know how easily I can let anger take over me.” When Dove just simply stared at him, he continued. “Don't try to convince me of anything. Keep your distance from me. It's the only way to stay safe – from me and the town. They're all against me, you know.”
   His sister understood and drew in a shaky breath. “Alright. But I will always be with you. You and Leon.”
   “Don't mention him around me!” he snapped.
  Dove looked confused. Then realization darkened her golden face. “You can't hide from him forever, you know. He is your brother. And you will need his help.
   Jroch fingered his stomach, in a spot that held many memories. “No! He betrayed me! I nearly lost my life because of him!”
   “He was trying to save your life,”Dove explained exasperatedly. “I repeat. He is your brother.”
   “Stop,” Jroch snarled. “You've gone too far.” Drawing his knife, he took a menacing step toward his sixteen year old sister, about to kill her. All thoughts of reasoning disintegrated from his mind and he could only see one color on her – red.
   Just as he jumped at her, Dove threw herself to her side. “Jroch!” she gasped. “What are you doing?”
   He barely heard her voice. But he focused on it. A part of himself repeatedly told him, Come back.
   Then, just as he saw the world through normal eyes again, exhaustion overwhelmed him and he collapsed to the ground.

"You," Jroch snarled when he saw who awaited him. He clutched is knife and attempted to attack him, but Dove held him back.
  Finally he gave in, but glared at the person in front of him murderously. "Leon..." Dove began, "We're here."
  "I see," Leon replied casually, standing up out of his throne. As he began waling toward him, Jroch tried to strugle free from her grasp but she held tight.
  He had to give her credit for holding against him even though she knew the danger she was in with him, so he stopped himself again.
  After examining him, Leon smiled, but in a mug way, as if he were relishing his superiority. "Welcome, brother," he greeted, his eyes glistening knowingly.
  "You're not my brother," Jroch snarled at him. "You tried to kill me!"
  Leon's eyes were bored. "Oh, like you haven't tried to kill her," he pointed out, his eyes flickering to Dove momentarily.
  Jroch felt Dove's hand tighten around him, and anger boiled in him. Breaking free from her grasp easily, Jroch stepped forward, his eyes meeting his twin brother's eyes directly at the same height, his knife held at Leon's throat.

  Jroch quietly, slid into the house threw the open window, and examined his surroundings. Darkness engulfed the room, and he could only see what stood just in front of him.
  A man. An angry man. He seemed to be a a statue, until he suddenly bellowed, "Intruder!" As if they had been practicing for this moment, footsteps thundered on the upper floor, where they made their way closer to him. Why aren't they running?
  Then he found himself shoved forward, and immediately grabbed his knife.
  "You are surrounded. Surrender, criminal."
  Ignoring the warning the man had given, Jroch shrugged and responded, "What, so you don't know my name? I'm offended. Thought I was famous enough. Guess I'm just have to bring more fame to my name."
  Jroch thought he heard a giggle from the side. So now children were being taught to use weapons?
  "Impossible," the man replied. "Everyone here is armed. You'll be dead before you can make a move."
  "I see. Well I don't really see. 'Cause I can't, exactly. It's quite dark here, have you noticed?"
  Another giggle. A few actually, though hushed by a woman. Jroch couldn't resist a smile. He remembered when he was younger, and Dove had been like that. Even blind, Jroch had been able to make her laugh at everything. They were happy then. What had changed so dramatically to make their lives so precarious today? Though Jroch refused to believe it, he knew clearly who had done it.
  The man sighed. Jroch spoke up. "You wouldn't happen to have guns too, would you?" he mused, trying to make his voice frightened.
  "We do. So you'd best not make a move."
  "Ah. Well I might try to escape, so you should tell me where the gun is, so I don't manage to bump into it, knock it down, and have it accidentally shoot someone."
  All was silent for a while, the man knowing where he was heading, but also weighing in the risk of what might happen. "It's on your right," he said finally.
  "" Jroch asked, smirking, as he felt it, grabbed it away from the man who held it, and stabbed him with his knife.
  "Attack!" the first man shouted.
  Jroch sighed. "Stop," he said, and everyone halted. "I have a gun. Will you really want to lose all your lives trying to kill me?"
  There was no response.
  "Now. Since we're all calm here, I'd like someone to turn on the light so I can see who I'm dealing with."
  At first no one moved, then he heard footsteps.


   I growled under my breath at the sight of Renesme walking around, completely unaware. I was tempted to warn her, but I lost my chance as the she-vampire sprung at her.
   No! I launched myself in front of her, blocking her way so she couldn't hurt Renesme. If Jacob lost her...I didn't want to think about it. He'd probably try to kill himself. Immediately, as she hit me, I felt the same crunch my shoulder and collarbone had made when Bella had hit me. As I collapsed on the ground in pain, I made a mental note to myself to try a different tactic when stopping vampires.
   Clenching my teeth, I pushed myself back up; thankfully the vampire had been surprised enough to freeze long enough for me. I caught a glimpse of Renesme. She looked shocked, then, being the intelligent creature she was, she ran in the direction that Bella and Edward were.
   The vampire seemed to ignore me and took off after her again. I raced after her, then leaped and sent her rolling to the ground. It felt like crashing into cement, but I kept a firm hold on her.
   “You might actually live if you didn't try to fight me,” she hissed as she threw me off easily. Letting a warning growl rumble under my throat, I rose back to my feet, mostly my right, and glared at her. I hoped she got the message, her trying to read a wolf's face, after all.
   Suddenly I heard Embry's voice in my mind. Hey, what's up?
   I let him see the scene through my head. I need help. Fast. And bring as many as you can!
   Sure thing.
   It kind of sucked that I hadn't been able to call on them for help earlier, since they'd all been in human form. I was about to respond to Embry when I was knocked over by the block of cement. My chest exploded in pain as I heard a few cracks.
   I didn't get to push myself back up, because immediately she was crouched beside me, fangs just inches away from my throat. Laying perfectly still, I waited for her voice.
   “You even try to move, and you'll be dead before you can realize.”
   The whole vampire venom being fatal to me kind of sucked too. While humans got immortality, werewolves just had to get death, right? Reaching out to Embry to see how far he was, I felt Leah there with him. Their pace immediately quickened as they witnessed my thoughts.
   The vampire began to slink back, probably hoping I wouldn't be able to tell. I'd have to be fast in getting back up to my feet, she'd have me down in a second again if I didn't attack her first. Gathering my strength, I pushed up with sudden force, and faced her, snarling.
   A smile began to creep across her lips. “I gave you a chance,” she chided, shrugging. Then she lunged at me. I moved out of the way, then swiped her with my paw as hard as I could, almost falling over with my weight on my bad leg.
   She fell to the ground from the impact of my attack. But my luck didn't last long, and soon I felt a few more of my bones break and she crouched by my throat again. By now, I was in no state to attack again. I could only hope that she stalled a little longer with me, so that Renesme would be safe and so Embry and Leah would help me out.
   Leah. She wouldn't bear it if I got hurt. I'm fine, I lied to her in my head. Just come fast.
   She didn't respond to me, but I could feel the panic in her head, like claws raking my fur. We're almost there. Is Renesme safe? Embry told me, when she remained silent.
   To emphasize the fact that help was coming, I heard one howl pierce the air, then another following more hesitantly. The vampire didn't seem to like that. She stiffened and then hissed at me. Then, baring her fangs, she put them to my neck just as Leah leaped on her and kicked her off.
   At first it felt like a normal scratch, like a normal tear of my skin. Then the venom hit my veins and excruciating pain left me screaming and thrashing. Or more like howling and thrashing.
   Jacob, the Alpha's voice popped into my head. What's wrong? He asked immediately.
   I tried to calm down enough so I could at least think and talk to him. A...a vampire attacked Nessie.
   What?! Is she okay? What's going on?
   I think she's fine..she ran in the direction of the cottage. You should go check in on her.
   And you all? What's going on?
   I'm fine, I lied again, this time to Jacob. Embry and Leah are attacking the vampire.
   You're not?
   Well...I may have managed to break a few bones and get venom in me, but otherwise it's all good. The main this is Nessie, remember?
   I could feel Jake's shock pulsing through him as he registered what I just said. Before he could respond though, I spoke again.
   Nessie. Go check in on her. Leah and Embry are here – and trust me, Leah isn't going to take my situation too lightly.
   Fine. But get help if you don't keep it under control.
   Of course, I managed to respond. The pain was too overwhelming, and I knew if Jacob hadn't left then, I would've lost my connection with him anyway.
   A moment later, I heard Leah. Phase back to human. We need to get you over to the Cullens.
   Come on, she urged. Phase back or there is nothing we can do.
   Embry was there now. Just focus.
   Gritting my teeth, I pushed myself and imagined I was a human, just walking around. I felt the normal burn while phasing, but it didn't affect me as much now that I had vampire venom circulating through my blood.   Nothing overruled that pain.
   Leah's cold nose nudged me onto Embry's back. Then she flanked him on his right as they ran fast.


Tiffany said...

I looveee the Celadon quickwrites. Are you going to incorporate them into Celadon later or were they just a random idea that you felt you HAD to write about?

Fira Marine said...

Thanks! They are definitely scenes I want to incorporate into Celadon, but all my quickwrites originally start as an idea that I need to get down. I just make it tie better into the story plot I have in mind. :)