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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Vacation and Random Happenings

First off, it has been over a month, for which I feel horrible. I really do. But my last day of school the 23rd of May so now I'm basically free no more false promises because I have nothing to do over the summer so I will possibly even post multiple times a day out of boredom or something. I mean this blog isn't a place for when I am bored, but my point is, I will definitely be here a lot more.

Obviously, I changed the look around here. Not as interesting, but I figured if I was going to start this over in a way that I would definitely be here, then it needed a new look for that. What do you guys think?

I changed the banner too. If anyone can tell me what that is, and what it is from, then I will be your best friend for all of eternity, because that is my new obsession and I love it so much. Enough that I may even write a fan fiction for it. Camp NaNoWriMo is in July and I am in no state to start a new story, considering I haven't even finished my old one, so I probably will be doing a fan fiction for it. Does anyone have ideas for fan fiction?

My brother's birthday party was on the 2nd of June. He turned 7. For his party we got a Star Wars jumpy house! I invited one of my friends and we went and jumped in there once all of the first graders were gone. Then we deflated and inflated it three times while we were in it, which I promise you, is the most fun I've had in ages. I think my brother's seventh birthday party was the best birthday I've ever had. Now I want one. Would anyone disapprove of my getting a bouncy house for my sixteenth birthday this next January?

In other news, this Sunday, June 9th, is my dance school's annual showcase. Yay! We've been preparing for it since February or March and well I'm excited to perform! Really excited. (:

Movie and books reviews coming up soon. (:


ѕтαrr said...

Ahem you forgot to mention Star Trek I believe.

Anonymous said...

I think you should get a bouncy house

Fira Marine said...

Good job Starr. xP

Maybe I will. XD I really really want one.

Jessica said...

I looooove your new banner ;)
also, could you lot read my short story I FINALLY WROTE? I don't think anyone visits my blog anymore... I really want some critique for it though.

Fira Marine said...

So you know what it's from? xD

And yeah I saw that (: I just haven't gotten the chance to read it yet.

Connie said...

The new look is very nice... I also like the banner at the top, though I don't know where it's from.

Um, you could do a fanfiction for Warriors, again... Or Narnia (am I not allowed to mention this?), or The Mortal Instruments.

Why did the jumpy house deflate? Isn't that dangerous, if you're in the middle of jumping and suddenly fall down?

I'm going to watch the showcase! :)
If they're selling them, I can buy you some chocolates or flowers or something.

CS said...


Anonymous said...

Just a note, City of Bones movie is coming out on August 21 (not 23) and Sea of Monsters movie is coming out on August 7 (not 16).

A bouncy house sounds very cool. Even if you're turning's supposed to be your "sweet sixteen" and you get whatever party you want, right?


Audrey Jones said...

This reminds me, I need to get's been over a week.

BUT I'M GOING TO CHINA SOON AND THEY BLOCKED BLOGSPOT so I can't post. Though my friend, who has been to China many times, says there are a lot of websites through which you can access blocked ones (like Facebook and Blogspot).

I guess the new look isn't as colorful, but it isn't boring. I have no idea where the banner is from. It looks like a spaceship flying to the sun.

Well, as Connie said, a TMI fan fiction? Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games... I don't know, I've never really done well with fan fictions.

My sister is the same age as your brother! Well, kind of...she's turning eight in October. BOUNCY HOUSES ARE SO FUN. And easy to do flips in, too! Except when I did a backflip-ish thing I landed all weird since the floor is, you know, bouncy. I think you should get one for your 16th, haha. Invite me!

Good luck with your performance! Or break a leg. Are you supposed to tell dancers good luck or break a leg? Can you post a video of yourself dancing?

Connie said...

Good job in the showcase!! :)

What were you doing at the end of the contemporary dance in the beginning? And you were the person who told Angela/Makena to meet with the interviewer, right?

Fira Marine said...

@Connie: Haha, you can mention Narnia. xP I just felt like yelling at...was it Jasmine? the other time. Just for fun. Most likely I'll do a Star Trek fan fiction though.

We were just lying down and it deflates really slowly, so we just sat there and felt ourselves slowly going down. And we made sure to place ourselves where we wouldn't get caught under the rubber, even though that is easy to get out of also. There was just a net above our faces.

Thank you! I got your note (: At the end of contemporary we were all attacking Megan. It was so much fun seeing the faces of the audience where we were grabbing. xD I wanted to say something and freak them out but I forgot cause I was more focused on waiting for the blackout and getting to the right spot. Haha.

Fira Marine said...

@Makayla: I knew about City of Bones, but I had no clue when Sea of Monsters was coming out. Thanks for that (:

Haha I know. What I want to do is have two parties, not too big, one where I call my closest closest friends and we all jump in a bouncy house, and then another which is more general and you do what one is supposed to do for a 16th. Haha.

If you plan on coming back here (which I hope you do) then I'll warn you, you might not be able to comment unless you log in because I'll be removing anonymous posting due to too much spam. Sorry!

Fira Marine said...

@Audrey: Why did they block Blogspot?! That is stupid.

Yeah, I wasn't in the mood for colorful this time. I'll say what it is in my next post, not that many people would care if they don't know in the first place. Haha.

Those are all good, but I think I'll go with Star Trek. Maybe. I'll see.

Hey, she's the same age as him and you're the same age as me! ...right? I never met anyone with the same age difference with their sibling haha.

I LOVE bouncy houses. And yeah I can imagine, landing on that thing is difficult haha. I wish I could do a backflip...xD

Thanks! Both good luck and break a leg. xP Except my friends and I are trying to start a new trend where we say "Sprain an ankle," instead, because none of us have ever broken a leg, but most of us have sprained an ankle, some more than once. Haha.