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Monday, June 10, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness Review

First off, I'll just mention that the banner is a picture of the Enterprise, from Star Trek. And second, I'll just tell you that my new obsession is Star Trek.

Third, I'll be posting a review of the movie that got me obsessed in the first place. Into Darkness!

My rating: **********

It was a really, really good movie. A lot of people when they hear Star Trek, think, bleh, whatever. And maybe the old ones will make you feel like that. But this movie, and the Star Trek that came out in 2009, while they may not be quite like the originals, they were amazing, and in my opinion, much better.

For one, they had better effects, obviously. Better storyline, better character development, and better acting. Whereas the old ones were all about talking and figuring things out more, the new ones had a lot more action and they really kept you on your toes. But it didn't have too much action, which was one problem I found with Iron Man 3 when I watched it earlier.

And then the characters. Kirk, played by Chris Pine. Always rash, stubborn, and reckless, but still managing to figure it out in the end. It was so realistic. And then Spock, played by Zachary Quinto. It's impossible to describe him, stoic, I guess would work, but he is perfect, and his and Kirk's relationship, it's amazing. Perfect character, there. There is this one part, in the beginning, where Kirk tells Spock that he will miss him, and Spock opens his mouth to reply, but then doesn't quit understand how to reply when he has no emotion, so he just tilts his head and looks at him. That was an amazing scene, even though it was little.

Basically, out of all the movies I've ever seen in my life, these two would make the top five, if not the top two, because they have the perfect mix of everything, including amazing effects.

And then news about the showcase, which were two shows yesterday. It went well! All shows end up worse than dress rehearsals, but it was still good. For our ballet dance, the first time for the bow I was on my left leg, which I remember to be the correct one, and the people on either side of my had the right leg. So for the second show I did the right leg, but everyone else had the left leg! That makes me sad. In our contemporary dance, we all start attacking this one girl and trying to grab her and then the music stops so we all freeze, and we do that hanging out into the audience. Seeing their expressions was priceless.

In all, I had an awesome time performing yesterday, and I wish it hadn't ended yet!


Hilda said...

Awesome that you enjoyed your performance. i'm not a Trekie but I do have a tape on an episode I loved during my Trekie phase.

Connie said...

Do you remember which leg you used for the bows during your rehearsals? I don't think anyone really noticed that you had a different leg...I didn't.

Oh, okay...I wasn't sure if you were trying to grab something on the ground, or if you were pretending to fall off the stage...

I haven't watched Star Trek: Into Darkness. Is it still in theaters?

Fira Marine said...

Thanks Hilda! Have you seen the new movies?

I used left the first time and right the second. xP We were all attacking Megan haha. It's still in theaters but not for long. My friend and I wanted to go see it on Saturday - the day she gets here cause she's visiting from Massachusetts, but it stops showing on Thursday!

Hilda said...

I've seen one a long time ago but I can't remember the name of it. **scratches head

You are very welcome! :D

Fira Marine said...

The one that came out in 2009? Because there is that one and then the one that came out last month. :P