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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Camp NaNo and a House of Hades Theory

Well, NaNo started again two days ago, but i was on vacation, so now I'm going to have to work a lot harder to catch up and get ahead like I usually do. In case anyone's wondering, I'm writing a story about Solomon's life, the dude who the last snippet was about. He's probably my favorite character out of all of the ones I've ever created, because he isn't a good or bad character.

Recently, over the last week, I reread everything Percy Jackson, both series, up to Mark of Athena, and once again, I am obsessed with it all and cannot stop thinking about it. Have I ever mentioned that I love Nico? He is the best character in the whole thing, in my opinion.

Spoilers, if you haven't read Mark of Athena:

One line at the end of the book in Leo's point of view, got my attention. He said, and I don't remember the exact wording, but basically, for the Doors to be closed on both sides, someone would have to stay there, trapped forever. So I got thinking. Hm...who might that be?

For one, I think it will be at least one of the eight of them, but not Percy or Annabeth, because it was mentioned that Percy would have to not be too loyal to his friends otherwise the whole thing will go sideways. Which means, one of his friends will be sacrificed.

The House of Hades first chapter, which was released at the end of The Son of Sobek, was in Hazel's point of view. She hinted at something, she said that Nico had told her they would have a much more difficult challenge as children of Hades/Pluto whatever. I wonder what that could be? Maybe they have to be the main ones closing the door. Maybe she has to be the one on the other side.

But wait! That can't be right, because she is one of the seven, so she can't die like that. None of them can, they have to at least last that book so they can be in the last one. So who isn't part of the seven? Hm...I wonder. Maybe Nico?

I hate to come to that conclusion, because I love Nico, but it makes sense. Also, when they rescued him, Percy said that he thought something had broken inside of Nico that he didn't think would ever be fixed again. In my experience, I've found that authors always have that before they kill the character.

Rick Riordan tweeted a while ago, as a joke: I've already killed Leo and Nico LOL. (wording not exact, from memory). Of course, it was a joke, but at least for me, when I'm writing, all fo my jokes about killing people come from somewhere. Maybe Leo was a joke, because he knows how much we love him and Nico. But could have been true.....

Everything points to Nico getting trapped in Tartarus, again. It's the exact twist I would think up if I were writing the story, but then again, I don't think Rick Riordan is that cruel, is he? I really can't imagine him killing Nico like that, if at all. If he really does, then I will hunt him down and kill him - but only after the last book is released because first I need to find out what happens. Anyone with me?